Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When did blogger turn into a dirty old man?

So last week I was reading one of my very favorite non-running blogs when I happened upon this hilarious post.

I didn't think much about it until I went to comment on Natalie's blog a few days ago and this little beauty popped up.


Um, excuse me? That's what she said?

What is going on with Blogger lately? Do you think this is like when the Disney animators get bored and end up giving animated characters hard-ons on the sly to see if anyone will notice? Crazy computer nerds.

Anyway, this past week has been pretty busy. Jeremy and I did one of our last long runs on Saturday and it was not pretty. We decided to jazz things up a bit by running through Wissahickon Park (the place where all the pretty leaf pictures were taken a few weeks back). I usually love running through this park, but neither one of us were feeling it on Saturday. I think the fact that it's not paved, it's pretty hilly and it was 20 degrees warmer than our last couple of long runs really did us in. We ended up running it at a 10mm pace (12 miles/2:01/10:00 pace) which is the slowest I have run any run in awhile. The sad part is, it felt like we were running waaaaaaay faster than that. We both thought so. Not the motivational run we were hoping for so close to the big day.

So that night we decided to drown our sorrows with some friends from Jersey who drove to our hood and spent the night. We made a ton of food before we went out, then bar-hopped up and down Main Street for a couple of hours. Much like our run earlier in the day, it was not pretty, at least not on Sunday. It was fun though.

Sunday we sat on the couch. All. Day. Nuff said.

Monday I ventured out for another run. I decided to do a 7 miler up the bike path since I don't have as much time to run it as I would like now that it's dark earlier. I headed out for what I thought was going to be an amazing run, but much like the debacle on Saturday, my body just felt heavy and sluggish. It may have been the remaining Absolut that was trying desperately to escape my pores while I was running, but I chalked it up to end-of-training exhaustion. While my pace wasn't bad (7 miles/1:04:50/9:15 pace) I just struggled the whole time. Blah.

Afterwards I walked up to Main Street for a snazzy new hairdo. Haven't had a cut since June and it was desperately needed.



Sorry about my scary stalker-eyes in that last picture...EEK!

The rest of the week has been spent working, which has been getting busier and busier by the day. I really love my new job, but I really wish they would hire me full-time not only for more money, but also because I feel like I could get so much more done and not feel as rushed by working 5 days instead of 3. Oh well. Maybe someday soon.

Here's a picture I took the other day while I was waiting for the train.


I may go for a run tomorrow night on Main again after work, or just wait until Friday and get in another 7 or 8.5. Our last "long run" is this Saturday (8 miles) and since we are going to go pretty easy, I don't mind running two days in a row. Wow, it's so close!!!

Here are my runs from last week since I was too lazy (hungover) this weekend to post.

Monday, 11/03 - 8.4 miles/1:14:53 - 8:52
Tuesday, 11/04 - off
Wednesday, 11/05 - off
Thursday, 11/06 - 6.5 miles/ 60:18 - 9:16 pace
Friday, 11/07 - off
Saturday, 11/08 - 12 miles/2:01 - 10:00 pace.
Sunday, 11/09 - off

Total Weekly Mileage: 26.9 (RUN)
Total Weekly Mileage: 0 (BIKE)


X-Country2 said...

Way cute hair cut! I'm way due to get my hair did.

Is it really 9 days until your marathon? Maybe I'm in denial about D-Day for my marathon on the 23rd too, but your ticker seems close.

RoadBunner said...

Blogger has been almost spelling out words lately for verification. That one is too funny! So I just cut my hair recently, too. It's longer than I wanted (to keep my hair in a pony tail for running). So you hair (looks great!)...Can it be pulled back still when you run?

Anonymous said...

Blogger has had a few dandy words lately LOL..

Cute "DO", love it!


Anonymous said...

I like the haircut. I really need a good chop. Even though your 20 miler was slower than what had hoped, 10 mm is still really good.

Taper has arrived. You guys are going to do great come time for the marathon.

teacherwoman said...

Looks like a good week of running! Love the new do!

The last picture you took, while waiting for the train, is awesome!

Marcy said...

OOoooooohhhh I LURVE your hair! Looks fabulous chica! Did you get it colored too? I like the color.

Yeah I totally don't know what's going on with Blogger. I've been noticing a huge increase in actual word type verifications. The last one I did was "diarys" it actually makes it easier, ya know? LOL

Jess said...

The new haircut looks great!

BeachRunner said...

I am digging the new doo. You go, stalker girl! Dont worry about the blah runs, it sounds like you had a great weekend.

Brad Braden said...

lol, well like they say.. "an number of monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters..." words like that are going to come up..


PS.. can't wait to be a dirty old man..

Unknown said...

HA it said balls! I'm sure the legs will come back. They're likely just worn out from training like you think.

joyRuN said...

Love the hair!

It'll be a while before I get my hair cut. I traded in salon $$ for massage $$ until after the marathon. Wasn't hard to do :)

P.O.M. said...

The hair is soooo cute. Man, I need a new look.

N.D. said...

SOB, I just made a long comment and it gave me an error. I'll try again...

Hahaha, that cracked me up!! I just took off word verification, that thing is so annoying! Sorry that I missed you on Sat. I think the weather factored into the crappy run. You are going to rock next weekend, yay!!! so exciting. Your hair is stylin lady!!!

Shoe Running said...

Balls & Feces!!! Ha ha! :) Blogger totally has its mind in the gutter!

Oh man! I soooo need a haircut! Yours is so cute! :) Thanks for reminding me to get up & do it :)

Sorry your Saturday run wasn't as fast as you happens right?

Unknown said...

Cute hair!!!

I've had some funny verifications lately. Maybe I should start capturing them to share. LOL

Bert said...

I hope you tipped the hair stylist generously because you don't want her/him to ever leave Main Street. Looks great!

Runner Leana said...

Aw, I haven't gotten any funny word verifications! Blogger has been weird though. It wants to majorly blow up my pictures and it is driving me nuts.

Love the new hair cut! It looks really good.

Sonia said...

You look so cute with your new do!!! =) I got a haircut myself and it look horendous.... at least it is just hair. LOL

Nice word verif I would have copied it too! Hope you're not goig too too crazy with taper madness!!

Denise said...

I love hearing from people that are also running Philly. I ran all my long training runs along Forbidden drive...we may have passed each other at some point! I run with a local running club, if you're interested.

RunToTheFinish said...

Nice hair do! The space heater we bought is one of the expensive one's that you can let run and not worry about burning down your house...I find that very nice.

I say your run times look great...all the miles add up and help regardless of some days being a little slower or faster.

SuperDave said...

What's wrong with balls? It's just those things you play with as kids? oops that didn't come out right. haha
Cool picture.
Gotta love the Absolut..

Frayed Laces said...

Oh I LOVE the new do! That's what I was trying to achieve but supercuts just didn't get my vision.

Casey said...

Yay, cute hairs.

Michelle said...

LOVE your haircut!!!! Looks great!!

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