Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Philadelphia Marathon Roll Call

It's getting closer!!! Eek!

Jeremy went to the press conference yesterday for the Philadelphia Marathon. He is doing research for them, so all you runners be sure to fill out the online survey after the marathon, J wrote it. I am also supposed to remind people that the same question is asked three or four different ways on purpose. Apparently marathon runners like to complain about this stuff after filling out the surveys. But it's for a very scientific purpose! I have no idea why, something about the control group and blah, blah, blah...research stuff. So there, just in case you were wondering.


So apparently when Mayor Nutter saw a poster with the marathon's famous tagline hanging at the press conference, he wasn't too happy. He even made some remark about not using the ad agency again next year.

How dumb is that? Yeah, with everything that goes on in this city, that's really what the Mayor needs to be worried about. That the posters may or may not reference the word ASS.

And is this the first time he has seen this? The campaign has been up for months!

Anyway, enough about that. Who's excited about Sunday?!!?! I finally got my bib number yesterday: 6591. Jeremy's is 6590. I'm pretty sure they will have a tracking system on the website.

Jeremy is still feeling pretty crummy, but we are hopeful he will start feeling better soon. And luckily, it has not been passed to me yet. I'm sure I will get sick as a dog as soon as I cross that finish line...

So I can't believe how many bloggers are running Philly this year. I just wanted to do a quick roll call and give a shout out to anyone who is running this weekend.


First, there is Lil Runner who is making a game day decision on doing the full or the half. She is running her very first Philly marathon (or half marathon) for two. Maybe one day, years from now, they can run it again and she can tell tales about the day they ran it together in '08 (and Jr gave her that damn side stitch...that went away at mile 2 of course).

joyRuN is running her very first marathon this Sunday in Philly just days after her birthday. She's been training like mad, running great and I think she's the one person who is suffering from taper madness more than I am right now. She's going to do awesome!

Actually, Denise is suffering from a bit of taper madness as well (posting weather updates and last minute gel changes on her daily posts, anyone?). Ha, I think we all can relate. I just recently started reading her blog, but it's great. She is running really strong and is going to kick butt (asphalt) in her first marathon on Sunday.

Flyers26 is running his training runs so fast lately, I am starting to wonder if he is half-Kenyan. He's also running his first 26.2 on Sunday and I think this guy is going to blow us all away.

Then of course there is Ted, who was on a bit of a hiatus the past couple of weeks (we didn't forget about you!). He claimed in his last post that he was feeling a bit negative lately but I think we all sort of get there a little bit towards the end of training. Don't let that attitude fool you, Ted is a fantastic runner and going to rock this marathon.

Program2000 had to drop down to the half due to an achilles issue (I feel you, I had to do the same thing last January) but he has been feeling good and is ready to go on Sunday. Lets send him and his achilles good, healing vibes... Just think, a half-marathon just means your lucky butt will be able to drink a beer that much faster than the rest of us! Save me one!!!

And in our cheering section, we have ShoreTurtle (who's blog we still love even though he went to Michigan *shudder*). ShoreTurtle is not running on Sunday, but he has run it in the past. He is also thoughtful enough to get his butt out of bed on a freezing Sunday morning to run to various locations along the course and cheer on strangers all day. That's a true runner right there. With my friends and family being so far away, it makes me happy to know there will be at least one person out there cheering for us.

If I forgot anyone, let me know. Also, anyone running Philly (or another race) feel free to leave a bib number so we can track each other. Does everyone have their outfit planned yet? I want to know what I am looking for while I am out there.

And I know that this is a big race, but there has got to be a place where we can meet up. J and I have to go to the expo on Saturday morning/early afternoon and then are grabbing some lunch at the market (right next door). Maybe an expo meet up or possibly an after-the-race-pic on the Art Museum steps or in front of Rocky? Let me know if anyone is in.


Kristin said...

Yay 3 days! I am getting some major jitters! Glad you are feeling better! Tell Jeremy to flush it out with lots of water and vit. c! I hope it doesn't snow, my dad and I are not sure what to do for layers of warmth!

joyRuN said...

Awww shucks, Laurel - thanks for the love!

We won't be heading up to the expo until later Saturday afternoon. Dunno what I'm wearing yet (I know - I'm such a girl!).

I'd love to meet up afterwards - I'm the slowpokiest, so it'll give me added incentive to hurry my @$$ up.

Any volunteers to haul me up those tiny but mighty Art Museum steps, lemme know.

Bib# 8354

Shoe Running said...

I love the "Kick Asphalt" slogan...hilarious :) I hope all you philly marathoners rock it, kick it and finish it :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, there are a lot of bloggers. Hope you are able to meet up with some. I know you are all going to have a great race.

Hope J gets better soon. His research projects sounds pretty cool.

Unknown said...

Have a great time. Hope you are able to arrange a meet up with bloggy peopple that will be there!

FLYERS26 said...

Nice post!
My bib# 4869
I am hitting the expo on Friday.
We are staying at the Embassy Suites Sat nite. Our plan is check in, dinner at Mecca Medora's, on Packer, by the ballparks, and of course, hitting the FLYERS game!
The Mecca has good Italian food, and a reasonable price. You can see the restuaraunt from 76.

We'll have to try and meet early Sunday, before the marathon or afterwards. I have a cheering section of 3, my wife, her sister & husband. They are driving down from Boston, just for the marathon.
And we can't forget Shoreturtle! he bought a new cowbell, just for us!

Unknown said...

Good luck! I'm looking forward to reading all the different race reports.

Progman2000 said...

Funny thing about running the half - I have given little consideration to what I will be wearing. Dragging the wrong outfit through 13.1 miles is a lot less daunting than doing it for 26!

Would love to meet fellow run bloggers, might be a little hard given this size of this one though!

Marcy said...

I'm soooo excited for you guys!! I can't wait to read all about it! Whoot! ;D ;D

Denise said...

I'm SO excited and ready to run!!! Let me know where everyone is meeting up. I'm supposed to be at the art museum steps at 6:15 for a running club pic, if anyone is around and not in the port o pottie line!

Bert said...

The Mayor sounds like a dope. That's a great slogan! Good luck to you and J and all the other bloggers running on Sunday. Here's hoping for good weather!

Jess said...

It's coming up soon! Sounds exciting.

Sonia said...

You're going to be in good company to celebrate your kick ass marathon PB!! =)

YAY!! Hope J will be totally recovered for Sunday and that you don'T catch it!

Aron said...

SOOOOOO fun!! its getting SO close! yayyy so excited for you :)

lots of bloggers will be there too which is always fun! i love reading everyone's different takes on the same race.

GOOD LUCK you are going to rock!

X-Country2 said...

I almost had to stop reading this because it's making me sick with nervousness for my own race. (Yes, this is all about me! :o)

Good luck good luck good luck!

Marlene said...

Just dropping by to say Good luck on Sunday! Have a great race - I'll watch for the report!

N.D. said...

Hey rockstar - I'm #8438. You are going to do great this weekend, the husband-wife team - YEAHHH!! I am wearing long pants and warm clothes on top, layers - I'm sure I'll be walking and going so slow that I'll need to stay warm!! I would love to meet up - but I have no idea what I'm going to do that day.I'll have my cell that day, maybe we can exchange #s. I plan to get the packet friday afternoon !

N.D. said...

Oh I bet meeting up before would be a great idea!

BeachRunner said...

Nice post Laurel and way to spread the love. Team BR is fired up for all the Philly homies. Rock on peeps. We are rooting for you.

Unknown said...

Terrific post !!! As a matter of fact, I am starting to percolate now. I am now getting the Philly fever. I will be staying at the Embassy Suites like Flyers26.

My bib number is 6181.

Thanks for the shoutout.

BTW, I will be at the Expo this Saturday afternoon around 4 to 5 p.m. I dunno where I will eat for dinner. Somewhere Italian !!!

Chic Runner said...

Good luck this weekend, your blog is too cute! :) Can't wait to read a race report.

Marci said...

Hi there, I heard through the blogging community that you are running Philly and its your first marathon, so good luck. I will be running it for a second time this year, and its an awesome course, hope you enjoy it!

teacherwoman said...

I am so excited for you guys! If I don't get a chance to come back and wish you luck later, well, good luck this weekend to you both! :) You are going to rock that race!

chia said...

Good luck to all you folks running this weekend!

Denise said...

I have run with Shawmont but I am part of the Ambler Area Running Club (AARC). I won't be wearing my AARC shirt due to the weather, but I'm sure someone will be!!

SuperDave said...

I am defintely jealous and wish I could run it with ya'll..
Stay warm - burrrrrr..

Lily on the Road said...

Good Luck Laurel...Kick some Ass-phalt!!! Have a BLAST!!!

Have a great time, keep an eye out for fellow Canuk, Marci, she and her hubs are Awesome people and pretty awesome runners!!

Hope J feels better soon!


Sonia said...

Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc In less than 48h you will have a new marathon PB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Good luck this week-end Chicka!!

Dori said...

Good luck, Laurel! Can't wait to read about your race.

Clearly His Honor isn't a runner or he wouldn't find the slogan offensive. One More Mile sells t-shirts with that slogan, and a guy ran the Boston Marathon wearing it (and a pink tutu.) His picture was in Runner's World.

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