Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A New Light


J and I live in an area of the city that is filled with younger, 20-somethings that either get up early to go to work or like to sleep in after long nights of drinking. Knowing this, we decided to get up as early as we could to vote, figuring that the polls would be busier later in the day. We totally lucked out. We walked up the street to our polling center and voted right away, no lines at all.

The only glitch I can complain about was that my center didn't have any "I Voted" stickers. How was I supposed to get my free Starbucks/Ben & Jerry's scoop without my sticker?!?!?! GAWD, why did I even bother voting?!?!

(Please know I am totally kidding.)

It makes me happy to think that I will live my life knowing I was able to witness and be a part of such a important event in American history. And ultimately, no matter what happens, I am thoroughly enjoying sitting back and watching the last days of President Bush's presidency tick away. Buh-bye Dubya.

OK, no more political talk.

Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning my house until 4:00pm when I finally decided to take a break and get in a run. My plan was to do a slow 8.4 mile recovery run after my 20 miler on Saturday. It started out great...until I turned around.

I had been running towards the sunset and when I turned to run back with over 4 miles to go, I suddenly realized how dark it had gotten. Not only that, but I was running on the bike path, in the woods, with the last mile REALLY in the woods. AND there was NO ONE out for some reason. I wont lie, It was really freaking me out. I don't mind running in the dark when I am in civilization, but I was in the middle of nowhere and it was getting dark fast!

I ended up picking up the pace and the last two miles I really had to book it. By the time I got to the last mile (deep in the woods) it was really dark and I was having trouble seeing. Not only was I scared of people jumping out and killing me, I was scared of tripping over a rock or root and breaking my own neck. Oh, and don't forget the Blair Witch. I was scared of that bitch too.

So my "recovery run" that was supposed to be a 9:20-9:30mm pace, was really a 8.52mm pace (8.43 miles/1:14:53). I actually felt great running hard at the end but it wasn't worth the panic attack I was having thinking Jason, Michael and Freddy were all chasing me through the dark, scary woods. I wont be making that mistake again.



Sonia said...

Good for you for voting!

I'm watching the election from here and they just gave Obama winning as the 44th American president!! We're totally thrilled here!!!!!!!!! =)

Sonia said...

Too bad about your ice cream ;-)

joyRuN said...

We didn't get stickers either :(

Sounds like a great run! Darkness strikes for a speedy run :)

Anonymous said...

No sticker???

Speedy 8 miler. I would have been freaked out too. I don't mind running in the dark as long as I am on streets with houses. But, to be surrounded by woods, I would have been jumping at every little noise.

BeachRunner said...

Yay election! And nice run - Blair Witchy panic attack and all. Glad you made it home in one piece. :)That is what daylight savings time will do to us runners.

Marcy said...

I DON'T BLAME YOU! Running in the park in the dark scares me to DEATH. Not only for the serial killer in the bushes thing but also the wild animals thing. Mr McG likes to scare me and say there are rabid coydogs in the paths thru the woods. Nice.

ShoreTurtle said...

My wife and I went to the county office last week, got our absentee ballots, filled them out and turned them in. Not quite early voting, but as close as we can get in NJ. My wife was very unhappy that she didn't get a "I voted" sticker. I'm not sure that the votes count without one.

The blair witch photo is spooky!

Unknown said...

Spooky. I think a horror movie could be made from that. Nice reason to push the pace i guess.

Aron said...

i HATE the dark!!! its not working out for me either :(

N.D. said...

Haha, I always think I'm nuts when I'm running alone where no ones around and I think someone is going to jump out and get me. I'm always looking behind me. But I've never done that in the dark! SCARY! Glad you booked it out of there! Good run!!

Shoe Running said...

He he! I totally turn into a scared (but dang fast) little kid in dark forests too :)

It was fun voting huh? Great feeling. After the results were in I walked around SF and everyone was screaming and setting off fireworks and honking horns...did they do that in Phili?

P.O.M. said...

Your like the 20th person that didn't their sticker. Damn that sucks. Because it is totally all about the sticker (kinda like the race is all about medal, even though now I have no idea what to do with them).

Unknown said...

Ha! We just watched Blair Witch Project on Halloween so I get the photo at the end. :-)

I didn't get an "I voted" sticker either. What is up with that?!?!

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