Sunday, November 22, 2009

Philly Marathon 09

A photo race report...

The shirt.

I designed the ad in the inside front cover of the race program this year.

The look of someone who is about the qualify for Boston.

Sorry Bill, by the time I realized it was you, this is all I got.

I love this guy's face.

I see him!!

He ran up and kissed my belly :)

Poor guy.




Is the guy on the left eating a cheesesteak?!?!

Here he comes!

Too tired to wave.

Too cool for school.

J and his parents.

All in all, it was a great day. The weather was beautiful and it looked like a fantastic day to race. J did great for having a bum leg and just running for fun (4:15). Of course I'm sure he wishes he could have done better, but I think he did amazing. It was his 7th marathon and his 3rd fastest time! I'm so proud!

Congrats to all you runners out there today. I'm glad I got to see so many of you in action. You all looked amazing!

Monday, November 16, 2009

24 Weeks...

I have been such a bad, bad blogger.

Unfortunately, all my time these days is focused on crib reviews instead of marathon reviews. After spending the last 17 weeks without my good friend running, I feel like I can officially say I have fallen off the wagon.

That’s not to say I can’t wait to get back out there. But for now, it seems like there is so much more to focus on. It doesn’t help that work is crazy-busy and we have either been out of town or had visitors for the past 3 weekends. Then this weekend, J’s parents are coming for a week for Thanksgiving and then we have a friend from Australia coming to stay with us until after the New Year. While I love to see everyone, it doesn’t leave me much time for anything else.

But J is still in the game. This Sunday he will be running (like a lot of you) the Philadelphia Marathon. He was hoping to PR since he wasn’t too thrilled with his performance in DC last month, but since then, his IT band has been all jacked-up. He has been stretching, icing and going to PT three times a week to help, but unfortunately, it looks like this may just be a race to finish. I told him at the half if he’s in pain, he needs to stop, but I know that wont happen. You know how stubborn marathon runners can be.

It should be a beautiful day though. The weather looks like it’s going to be amazing (sunny and 59 degrees) compared to the feels-like 17 degrees of last year. And J’s parents will be out there with me to cheer him on, so that will be fun.

Other than that, it’s just baby-central around here. This week we’ve made it to 24 whole weeks (yay!). That’s 6 months if you are counting. It seems like it’s going by really fast now.

Everything has been going great. The Bean has been kicking up a storm, which is fun. Those little bumps and bubbles that I thought were gas are definitely distinguishable as kicks, rolls and thumps. I love sitting on the couch at night after I eat and watch my stomach move around. It’s so surreal. There is a HUMAN in there!

I also seem to be growing at lightning speed. Every pregnant woman I know is assuring me that I am not even close to where I will be, and I know that, but I have gotten a lot bigger in the past few weeks and it’s staring to get noticeable. Not only in how I look, but how I feel. I get uncomfortable quite easily, so I can only imagine how it’s going to be 16 weeks from now.

The newest symptoms aboard the pregnancy train include total nasal congestion, which makes it even harder to breathe on top of the diminishing lung capacity, and dizziness that comes on suddenly and has caused me to almost pass out on more than one occasion, usually while I riding the train to work in the morning.

I was concerned about the dizziness at first, until I realized how common it was in pregnancy. I have always had a tendency to come close to passing out while giving blood or spending too much time in the sun, so it’s not like this was something new. And after I realized I had been drinking huge glasses of orange juice before leaving the house without much, if anything in my stomach before getting on the train, it all seemed to make sense.

After the 20 week ultrasound when we were told our girl looks absolutely healthy, I was finally able to take a sigh of relief, step back and start to enjoy the ride. All has checked out well at my appointments since then and now everything seems to be going full steam ahead.

My dad ordered us a crib, which is pretty exciting.

It's a babyletto that we found much cheaper at with $1 shipping and a 20% off coupon. Woo-hoo! It’s still in the box, but Jeremy’s dad is going to help him put it together while they are visiting next week. Last night, we moved all the office stuff out of the nursery into the guest room to make room for her to move in. For some reason, this made me really happy.

I have also been keeping the sellers on in business with all the cute stuff I have been buying and bookmarking for future reference.

Here is the tree decal I ordered from walldecors. It will be in white against the lime green walls.

Here is the new switchplate I ordered from funkychickendesign which I LOVE.

There's more, but I'll spare you...

All the registry stuff is basically set and we are even planning a short trip to Florida in a month for a baby shower/party my mom is throwing for us. I can’t wait to see all our old friends.

It’s just starting to get real to me. It seems like with the holidays, the next few months are going to fly by and before you know it, it will be late February...!

Good luck to all you Philly runners on Sunday! I'll be out there looking for you. I'll probably be around the half point somewhere. Runners, tell me what you're wearing. I'll probably be in a brown hooded Back on My Feet sweatshirt. Not sure if I'm doing a sign this time. We'll see.

Enjoy the weather this year. It's a far cry from last years frozen water stops :) Keep me and the Bean in mind while you're out there. We would LOVE to be running it with you. So jealous! :)

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