Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dodging a Bullet

I woke up Friday morning exhausted and achy. You know that feeling you get right before you get the flu: your legs feel heavy, your head is dizzy and every few minutes you get that wave of achiness that engulfs your insides? That was me.

I literally kept telling myself (out loud) that I wasn't going to get sick. There was no way I was going to let my body do this to me after all the training I have done for this race. It's bad enough I had to drop out of my second marathon in Miami last January due to IT band issues, I wasn't going to let this happen again. With all the disappointments I have faced in the past year, I didn't think I could handle this one.

So I chalked it up to Taper Madness, grabbed my new shoes and went on my 7 mile run.


And a funny thing happened, while I was still pretty lethargic throughout the run, all the other symptoms mysteriously went away. I figured I really was losing my mind.

Then Jeremy came home.

Poor thing. He has been coughing up a lung since Friday. He's really been sick and while he says he is feeling better today and that he thinks it's moving through him pretty fast, I can tell he still feels like crap. I can hear him hacking right now on the floor below me as I type this. I think he will be OK by gameday, but it's still a really sh*tty time to get a cold.

Needless to say, I have been downing this stuff like it's green beer on St Patricks Day.


I'm not taking any chances. The last thing I need is for him to get all better and then I wake up Saturday morning feeling like crap. I already think I started to sort of come down with it, I just don't know why it never manifested itself.

So we skipped our last long run together on Saturday morning so he could rest and I ventured out this morning by myself. It kind of sucked doing our last run of the training by myself, since we started this thing together, but since it was only 8.4 miles, it wasn't a big deal.

The run was OK, but like all the other runs I have had the past 2-3 weeks, I felt very sluggish the entire time. Especially the first 2 miles. I am really going to try to take it easy this week and let myself rest. I think I will do 2 more shorter runs (4-6 miles) and maybe 30 minutes on the elliptical. That will be it. I am also serious about getting plenty of sleep this week which I think is what messed me up so much last week. I'm all out of wack. One night I'll get 5.5 hours and the next I'll get 10. I need to even it out.

Other than that, all is good. is showing the weather for Sunday on the 10 day forecast now, so guess who is on every other 5 minutes? It went from Sunny and 52, to 42 and snow showers. Now it is at a high of 48 and sunny, which I think is pretty perfect. Please don't change mighty God.

Lastly, I noticed this new Disney movie, Bolt the other day. It seems as though I have seen these characters somewhere before...


Monday, 11/10 - 7 miles/1:04:50 - 9:13
Tuesday, 11/11 - off
Wednesday, 11/12 - off
Thursday, 11/13 - off
Friday, 11/14 - 7 miles/ 1:03:19 - 9:02 pace
Saturday, 11/15 -off
Sunday, 11/16 - 8.4 miles/1:18:10 - 9:15 pace

Total Weekly Mileage: 22.3 (RUN)
Total Weekly Mileage: 0 (BIKE)


joyRuN said...

HOLY SHIzNIT! The "Bolt" character resemblance is eerie!!

Alright, now I don't feel so bad about my obsession. I think I'm checking that more now than I did the week before my outdoor wedding.

Keep resting & taking care of yourself, girl!

N.D. said...

Oh gosh, perfect timing right?? I hope Jeremy 's feeling better and that you don't get sick! I think last year it was 52 and raining. I didn't even notice the rain and crap weather until I was finished... you'll be in the zone so don't worry about the weather. (I secretly am though!) Get that rest and take it easy. I always feel sluggish the last 2-3 weeks as the marathon approaches when I'm training for real...totally normal. You're ready and going to rock it, stay healthy!

Aron said...

glad you are feeling better!! REST up and take your vitamins! eeee race day is so close :)

X-Country2 said...

I seriously posted this exact same 7 day race countdown today. That's pretty funny. :o)

Freaking out about the weather? Check! Worried about my training run being shaky? Check! Vowing to get more sleep this next week? Check!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Drink lots of fluids this week. Hope Jeremy feels better and hope the bug stays away from you.

Love the dog pictures.

Marcy said...

I DO NOT blame you chica! Get all up on that Airborne. Crossing my fingers hoping for the best for you guys. I need you in prime shape to take on Diddy's numbers ;-)

Frayed Laces said...

Sending you tons of healing vibes---good luck!

teacherwoman said...

Oh my goodness. I hope you don't get sick and I hope Jeremy feels better soon! Talk about bad timing. Airborne is the bomb! :)

I think anything above 45 will be pretty nice for race weather! Less than a week! Wahoo!

Unknown said...

Hope all viruses get out of your house by race day. I sometimes think that just taper madness itself makes you feel sick.

Jess said...

Take care!

test said...

OMG! they totally ripped off your children's book! sue those bitches!

Denise said...

I'm suffering from taper madness, too. Andy mentioned last night that his throat felt funny and I was ready to get a hotel room for the week!!

SuperDave said...

Don't know about the taper madness, but keep eating healthy, drink plenty of fluids, and yes sleep. It'll be gone before the big race!
What a concidence on the movie.

BeachRunner said...

Stay rested and get healthy. I hope you both feel better soon.

And after my experience racing yesterday, I now TOTALLY get the weather-checking obsession. I am infected with "what to wear madness".

joyRuN said...

I think we'll head up to the expo Sat afternoon - I think the earliest we can unload our kids is 2pm, so by around 4pm, I think?

joyrun609 at gmail dot com

Lucinda said...

I do hope you miss whatever it is. Keep well.

Unknown said...

Get well soon. I hope to meet you this Sunday. Like you, I have been checking lately. Been too obsessed with the weather update. I have a confession to make >>>> not too crazy about COLD weather. My dream weather is 54.2 degrees and sunny! Bottom line - I think it will be COLD. Phuck! Let's cross finger and hope for a nice warmer weather.

Bert said...

This weather checking thing can drive you nuts, watch out. 2 years ago for the Houston Marathon I searched all over the internet for CANADIAN weather sites so I could find a cold front that would make it here in time. It almost worked too - a huge front blew in one day after the marathon...

Sonia said...

Zero has a movie made after him?! Now, Rocky is totally jealous =)

Hope you keep on fighting J's germs LOL It's hard when you sleep in the same bed!

Shoe Running said...

Keep taking that Airborne! Stay healthy! I hope the weather gods keep it exactly the way you want it :)

P.O.M. said...

Definately a good time to up the ol' vitamins. I can't wait for your big day. You're going to do great!

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