Sunday, August 13, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

That was fast.

Here is a picture from the San Francisco Marathon, just cause it's cute.

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So the weekend was good. Friday night we had dinner at Andy and Glenna's then Saturday we went to dinner at Juan and Sonia's with the San Francisco runners. Sonia made her authentic arroz con pollo and it was fantastic. I didn't have to cook all weekend, which was kind of nice.

I was good about not running all weekend and my ankle felt fine. It swelled up Friday night but didn't really hurt. That is till today. Now it's not swollen but hurts again. Who knows. I'm supposed to go running with Mercy tomorrow night, so I'll ice it tonight and see how it goes.

Weekend workout summary:
Saturday - 2 hours at the gym
Abs, 45 minutes weight training
1 hour on elliptical (cross training2)
Felt good, pushed myself so I actually felt like I got a workout on the elliptical, which is unusual.

Sunday - 2 hours at gym
Abs, 45 minutes weight training
45 minutes elliptical (cross training1)
15 minutes stair master step mill (devil machine) level 7
Felt good, but the stair master was tough. Legs felt heavy from the weight training. Hadn't done legs in awhile.


21st Century Mom said...

We are having a definite harmonic convergence experience. My Pookie's first name is.... drumroll please.....Laurel. I kid you not!

Glad you liked my marathon tips and I hope they help you make your goal.

Anonymous said...

Good luck for your goals! I hope you just need some rest after uping your mileage and your ankle gets fine soon :-)

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