Monday, August 21, 2006

Blame it on the Humidity... couldn't possibly be because I suck.

Ran the six with Mercy tonight - 5.79 miles to be exact.

Whatever. It sucked, but I did it. Seriously, running was so much easier 3 weeks ago. It has to be this humidity, I just can't take it anymore. The only good part about it, is when I start my real training in 5 weeks, it may seem a bit easier in the cooler weather. The sad thing is, it's not even that humid today.

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Anyway, we ran the first loop ( 2.9) then walked for four minutes. Then ran to mile 5, walked 1:30 minutes then ran the rest of the way home. We finished at 1:04:24, not great, but who cares? Tonight was all about finishing without passing out/throwing up an anyone. If I had been alone, I probably would have stopped at mile 1. That's the good thing about running with someone else, you really feel the need to not let them down. I highly recommend it for anyone who is struggling, like myself.

Tomorrow I have a day off from exercise, my knees need a rest.


Anonymous said...
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Vicster said...

You know, it really is likely to be the humidity! Even if its not that hot, it makes things much harder (as I discovered in June when we had about five minutes of summer-type weather). And if you're anything like me, you'll discover that the training you do now, in the heat, makes the running you do in the cooler weather so much easier.

But the most important thing is - as you say - that you did it! Well done! Enjoy your night off, you've earnt it!

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