Friday, August 11, 2006

It's Always Something

Somehow, while I was in San Francisco I managed to strain some sort of tendon in the front of my ankle that runs up the front of my leg. I don't know how it happened, if I did it running the 5k, walking up all the hills or biking. All I know is that towards the end of my trip I could barely walk on it. Anyway, I didn't run on it for about five days to let it rest and just went to the gym to use the elliptical and the stairmaster. But I really wanted to run last night, what, with being all motivated and everything and it really was starting to feel better.
So I ran the usual 3 mile loop around campus and added a few extra side roads around the hospital and through a neighborhood to make it roughly 3.5. I felt great at first, then after about a mile the ankle started to hurt. I finished the run and was pretty proud of the fact that I only stopped for one quick 10 second walk considering the Miami August humidity was sky-high, even at 7:30pm. Actually, I have gotten use to the humid runs and actually look forward to the detoxifying effects of sweating my ass off while I'm running. Anyway, today the ankle is a little sore but really swollen. I was at dinner with a student of my husband's who is an athletic trainer who looked at it and said I just need to ice it and not run for a few days. Sheesh, I already have excuses not to run. Why can't I have these when I'm not motivated?


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