Monday, March 16, 2009

Ready to take on Washington


I'm starting to finally get excited about this weekend. While I may not be doing the full 26.2 any longer, I am actually looking forward to a little mini-vacation with J. The race is on Saturday and I'm hoping we can spend at least a little time Sunday wandering around in the morning so I can see a sight or two. And thankfully, since I'm only doing the 13.1, I will be able to walk a bit more pain-free the next day.

Nevermind that J is still running the full. Walking around a few extra miles wont kill him. He's tough like bull.

I got in a few decent runs last week. I have slowed my pace from roughly a 8:45 to a 9:00-9:10mm pace for most of my runs now and am finding that at this pace, I can last longer on my ankle. As a mater of fact, I ran quite steady on all three of my runs this week and my leg felt great. I've been stretching more again too (I got lazy for about a month) and am starting to feel a difference. I need to be careful because sometimes I can feel the stiffness into the entire right leg and I know it's from stronger muscles having to make up for the weaker ones. But I'm slowly taking it easy and making sure I don't get hurt.

I also desperately need a new pair of shoes. I looked up the mileage on mine last night on runstoppable and realized I had over 314 miles on them. And I know I haven't logged every run I have done on the website, like, for example, the PHILADELPHIA MARATHON! That is just one of a few I have been to lazy to map out and log, so I know I have at least 40-50 more miles on them than it's showing.

OK, I'm just going to say this, even though it may sound totally stupid. I wear Asics 2140's and this last pair I had to get in a different color that I normally wear. I swear to you, ever since I got these shoes, (about a month before the Philadelphia Marathon) I started noticing a numbness in my ankle. It happened on one of the first runs I wore them on and has been bothering me ever since. Is there any possible way that a different color of the same shoe could be made a bit differently? DON'T LAUGH! They are the same width, so I know that wasn't the issue.

I told you it was stupid. But I can't explain it. These shoes (white and teal) give me weird pains that the other two pairs of 2140's didn't (white and dark blue). Odd stuff. Maybe it's the way I am lacing them.

Great, now I have to find that issue of Runners World from a few months back about tying your shoes the right way (the article I totally skipped over). Anyway, I'm going to have to run the half in my white and teal, badly-tied, ankle-numbing shoes because I can't afford a new pair until next month.

As far as goals for this HM, they have gone back and forth. I was originally hoping for a sub 2, but I don't want to become too attached to that in case I start to hurt. I do however, have a good feeling about being able to PR (2:04) so that is my second goal. Third goal is just to finish without getting hurt, which, who am I kidding, I will probably be pissed if that's as good as it gets. I know I should be happy with that, but I'm just being honest here.

I think if I keep it consistent and steady I will have an awesome chance to PR and a petty good chance to get a sub 2. It's supposed to be a beautiful day on Saturday for a race (partly cloudy, high of 55). Fingers crossed.

Also, I came across this blog tonight. It's all marathon medals from different races. He doesn't have all of them, but he does have quite a few on there. It's fun to look through.

Monday, 3/9 -off
Tuesday, 3/10 - off
Wednesday, 3/11 - 6.4 miles/57:47 - 9:04 pace
Thursday, 3/12 - off
Friday, 3/13 - off
Saturday, 3/14 - 8.43 miles/1:17:08 - 9:08 pace
Sunday, 3/15 - 7.3 miles/1:05:43 - 8:59 pace

Total Weekly Mileage: 22.11 miles


Rookie on the Run said...

I'm excited for you!! You are going to have a great race. :) I hope your reach your goals... especially the non-injury goal.

That is weird about your teal and white shoes. I wonder why that would happen. Hmmmm...

joyRuN said...

You & J are going to rock DC! Have a great time :)

Re: the Asics - I've heard of that happening especially when you buy on-line. Someone had bought their first pair at the running shoe store, then got a subsequent pair (same model) on line. The on-line pair didn't fit right!!

I Run for Fun said...

You're almost there. I am sure you will have a fun time. Here's to a PR!

Abby said...

I'm in DC right now for a research trip and was wondering why they were setting up tents when I was walking around the mall today - that must be it!

Good luck with the half!

Marci said...

Definately get new shoes, it should be OK for a half. Good luck this weekend, I am sure you will break 2 hours!

Anonymous said...

You are playing the whole ankle/injury thing really smart. If the problem started when you got the new shoes it is probably from them. Have you tried to run in any other pair since? Maybe it is the color!

Have a blast this weekend. You and J are both running well. I am sure you'll hit your goals.

Denise said...

Laurel!! The shoes!! SAME thing happened to me with those Asics!! I had the teal ones, got the grey/pink ones for the marathon and had problems. I finally bought 2 new pairs and things have been better!! So I definitely think there is a difference now!! My pink/grey ones even felt different to touch, I swear! We're on to something!! :-)

Good luck this weekend. Let's get together for a recovery run when you get back.

Marcy said...

Ppppfffttt with the way you've been running lately a sub 2 is in the bag, lady!

I don't know what to tell you on the kicks?!? HAAH!

Stuart said...

Sounds like you've got it all planned out, nice job!

Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend! You'll do great! If you need anything, shoot me a message on facebook and I can give you my cell number.

I don't know if the color matters, but I do have two pairs of shoes that are the same exact shoe, yet they feel different. Thankfully the difference doesn't seem to mess with my running, but I can definitely tell which pair I'm wearing. Hope your ankle holds up and you can get new shoes soon.

Marlene said...

I think sometimes the exact same shoe is just slightly "different" regardless of colour! I recently bought the same shoes I always wear and they felt just awful. I hope the white & teals don't mess up your race.

Good luck and have fun!

Progman2000 said...

Yeah, you are not crazy - I have bought the exact same model shoe before and had issues because something is slightly different. This things are mass produced overseas, what do we expect?

You will totally run sub-2. And I think it's cool that you get a chance to cheer on your DH from the finish line. I am excited for you guys, anxious to read the race report(s).

N.D. said...

it should be a great weekend for both of you!!! have fun & get some new shoes!

Felice Devine said...

Glad the hip is feeling good.


X-Country2 said...

Good luck this weekend! Sounds like perfect weather for a great race.

Aron said...

yayyy for race week!!! great job on the running last week and GOOD LUCK to both of you this weekend!! cant wait to read all about it :) enjoy your mini-vacation too!

maria khoury said...

thats especially odd because teal is way cuter than dark blue...

kidding (kind of). good luck this weekend!!

jlc said...

Wow. I want someone to make a weekly schedule like that for me!!!

I do 5.5 miles... then 6... then 3... I'm all over the place and need help!

Not training for a marathon but I do so love running!

Steve Stenzel said...

Maybe some colors weigh more than others! I teach Color Theory at a local art college (really), and we talk about how certain colors advance and recede. Maybe some are heavier and that is hurting your ankle...

just a theory!

Unknown said...

Hope the race goes well. I love mini running vacations.

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