Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So, JoyRun tagged me the other day.

At first I was kind of hesitant because this is such a positive post and I honestly didn't think I had many "favorite" things to talk about. But then I figured it was a good way to look at 2008 in a different way. It wasn't all bad.

4 favorite memories from 2008
1. The Philadelphia Marathon
2. My going away party in Miami before I moved.
3. Philadelphia Distance Run
4. Thanksgiving in Philly at the parade, at our friends house in the afternoon and making dinner with just Jeremy at night. It was the prefect day.

4 favorite movies watched in 2008
So, I only saw a handful of movies this year and they all sucked. I am changing this to be TV shows.
1. Project Runway
2. What Not to Wear
3. How I Met Your Mother
4. The Office

4 of my favorite foods in 2008
1. Salad (I am a salad junkie)
2. Soup (Any kind, I am a soup junkie too)
3. Ritas Water Ice "Wild Cherry" (Being new to the area, I am just discovering the wonder that is Rita's.
4. Surf and Turf Tacos from El Vez in Center City.

4 places i loved in 2008
I haven't really gone anywhere this year. But I have loved discovering this beautiful new city.
1. Wissahickon Creek (Philadelphia)
2. Reading Terminal Market
3. Fairmount Park (Philadelphia)
4. Center City (Philadelphia)

4 events i loved in 2008
1. Philadelphia Marathon
2. Philadelphia Distance Run
3. Miami Half Marathon
4. Moving to Philadelphia (Is that an event?)

4 things i liked in 2008
1. Blogging
2. Facebook
3. Etsy.com
4. beer/red wine

4 things i am looking forward to in 2009
1. The National Marathon in DC (March)
2. Growing at my new job
3. Discovering more about our new city
4. New beginnings

4 people I tag
1. Lil Runner & baby
2. D10
3. Beachy
4. Sonia

All in all, not a bad year.

Made myself get out there in the 24 degree temps after work for a 6.5 mile run. So glad I went. I was dry this time, wore my jacket so I was warmer and ended up running my fastest pace for that route which is full of hills (8:55 pace). Woo! Go legs!


Marci said...

Great job on the run! So you are running DC? Do you know anything about the route?

Sonia said...

I'm happy you could find some positives in 2008!

What about Marley & Me or did you see it in 2009 like me?

I have no clue what is Ritas! I think I'm going to have to keep Philadelphia marathon in my sight =)

Relating to your comment on my blog, yes you should have stayed up yesterday! I would have loved to send it to you!

Unknown said...

Good for you for getting out there for a 24deg run.

Also, it's nice that you were able to look at 2008 in a different way. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice pace on the run! I can't wait to hear how the National Marathon goes, I was thinking about that one.

You had some really nice things happen in 2008. Here is to 2009 and a new beginning.

Denise said...

DARN! I forgot beer/wine on my list. Definitely one of my favs, too!! Glad you're enjoying Rita's. I missed it while living in Michigan.

Marlene said...

I love What Not to Wear!

Awesome run.

X-Country2 said...

Great pace! The hills make it double awesome.

Marcy said...

Oooohhh I just peeked into etsy. Looks like they have some cutie stuff!

Aron said...

great job on the positive outlook on 2008 :) looks like it was a pretty good year!! and looks like philly was the perfect move.

i LOVE what not to wear (hello stacy is my idol) and the office (yay new episode tomorrow!).

awesome job on the run!!!

Jess said...

I'm glad that it helped you look at 2008 in a new way! Philly sounds so awesome. Jerry is tentatively planning a "guy" trip there in May for a cigar convention, and I wish I could go, but I think my presence would ruin the "guy" aspect of the trip.

Unknown said...

go legs indeed. I am hoping to get to a pace like that in a few months. Still kills me to run just under 10 for 6.

My Life said...

You did justice making this post sound positive... sounds like you had some happy moments mixed in with the lows.

Soup... yummy. I too eat it almost everyday. Serious comfort food. Moving *is* definitely an event. Water Ice... what are they? I'm reading a book right now (Certain Girls) and they keep referring to them. As for the rest... ahhh, you make me want to come visit Philly!

BeachRunner said...

Great year, homefry. You and J are quality peeps. I am glad I got to know you a bit, bloggy style. '09 will be even better.

Time to work on my tag. :)

Unknown said...

What about Philly steak?? Believe it or not, I have never tried it. I think the last time I ate Philly steak was when I was in high school. Never again !!!

You got a pretty good lists.

Like you, I ran in 26 degrees with a wind chill factor of 13. It wasn't too bad. I agreed with you that the air was dry this time.


FLYERS26 said...

I was going to do the National, but the good ole ankle put the kibosh on that.

Great list, but where was the Phils world series win??

Julie D said...

Cool recap! I like how you put your pictures below the race nav on the right.

N.D. said...

I like how all of your events are running related, except moving. Glad you found rita's. How about wawa? That seems to be a love of people that move from the area. Thanks for tagging me - that will be my next post!! Fun responses and lots of running!

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the run!

I could live on soup and salad. Soup in particular!

Kristin said...

This weather is CRAZY!! I am debating going outside today... we'll see. Good memories from 2008! I did the post marathon survey and enjoyed the photo of you guys in it!!! Anyways, did you guys find more runners for you 20 in 24 thing? Stay warm!!!

ASC said...

Your blog is so inspirational! As a brand new runner training for my first half marathon ( and using my new blog to document my training too! ) I am very excited to follow yours!

Denise said...

After week 4, I maxed out at 28 pushups. Needed 30 to go on to week 5. So I'm doing week 4 over again. I think it depends on the time of day I do them. The other day I did 5 sets and on my 5th set I maxed out at 20. So why on my progress test I could only do 8 more than that, I'm not sure. Anyway, here's the link. Do it with me. Then you can buy the cool shirt... :-)

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