Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ice, Ice baby...


I'm sitting on my couch in flannel PJs, a long sleeved t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, wool socks, fur (faux of course) lined slippers with a blanket wrapped around me, hot tea in my hand and a warm macbook pro on my lap. The sun is out, the heat is on and I'm freaking freezing!

Why you ask? Oh, no reason...just almost died from hypothermia on our 14 mile run this morning!

OK, maybe I am exaggerating just a tad, but it sure felt like it. The sad part is, next weekend, when we run our 16 miler it's going to be about 20 degrees colder. Who's idea was it to sign up for another marathon anyway?

It was supposed to snow here yesterday, but all we got was a light dusting and some rain, nothing too intense. This morning when we headed out, the sun was coming out so I knew it would warm up a bit. I got dressed in my normal cold weather running outfit: tights, long tank, long-sleeved tech shirt, gloves and hat. The run started out OK. It was cold (20's), but it didn't seem that bad. The first mile we ran over some wooden docks and had to really slow down because of the ice. It's normally icy there, so I didn't think to much about it.

Two miles into the run I went to take a drink from one of my water bottles and noticed it was almost empty. The water had been coming out of the bottle as I ran and soaked the whole right side of my lower back, rear end and leg. I was annoyed that I was running out of water so early in the run, but little did I know the damage being soaking wet was going to do to me later on.

As we headed up to Fairmount Park, I was surprised at how desolate it was. Normally, the path around the river is filled with runners, walkers and bikers. Not this morning. Soon I figured out why. The path was covered in ice for miles. Not the kind of ice that you see coming either, but the kind that is sort of melted, so it looks like it's just wet. Then, just as you get brave and start running fast again, you almost bust your ass. It was like running across an ice-skating rink!

I know most of you are reading this and cracking up right now. Most of you are used to these conditions since you deal with it every year. But for this Floridian girl, it's my first experience "running" in ice.

But even with the ice, it really wasn't too cold. That is, until we passed the Art Museum and headed back up Kelly Drive to Manayunk.

We got a nasty 20-30mph headwind the WHOLE. WAY. BACK. Not a slight breeze, but an awful, frigid blast of arctic air blowing off the frozen Schuylkill River into our faces and all over my wet clothes, almost halting us to a stop every 30 seconds.


So basically the rest of the run was spent shuffling headfirst into the frozen winds with my legs tightened so I wouldn't do a face-plant. By mile 9 I was done. My hamstrings were burning, my glutes were screaming in agony and my whole body was stinging. I know I am going to be very sore for a few days.

When I got home I tried to stretch, but I couldn't get warm so I headed up to take a hot shower. Now, if this was the type of blog where we show nudie pics I would have loved to show you what my ass looked like when I stripped down. Not the whole thing, only the side that was soaking wet. It was a shade of red you don't normally see in nature. Like I had been beat with a wooden rod for about 2 hours, which is pretty much what my whole body felt like.

Can't wait till next Saturday!

But more than the cold, I am a little nervous about how difficult this distance seemed. I foolishly thought a 14 mile run was no big whoop considering we "just did" a marathon. I have been running 10-12 miles lately with no problem, but today the distance seemed really difficult. Needless to say, I choked down my humble pie and tried to get my head back into the game for this new marathon training. No more 2 days a week running. I need to get the milage back up to where it was. I think this run is what I needed to wake me up and get me respecting the distance again.

Other than that, week's been good. Super busy at work with a huge new project (they even upped me to 30 hrs a week for the next two months, yay!).I got in some ab work and a day of lifting (still sore from that). I took down the Christmas decorations (except the naked tree, it's still sitting there). And now we're watching the Eagles, lounging in our PJs and I'm going to make a huge pot of chili.

Maybe the Chili will finally warm my ass up. Literally.

Here are my stats since I got back from Florida.

Sunday, 1/11 - 10/1:33:11 - 9:09 pace + Abs
Monday, 1/5 - off
Tuesday, 1/6 - off
Wednesday, 1/7 - off
Thursday, 1/8 - 6.5/58:45 - 9:02 pace
Friday, 1/9 - 45 minutes elliptical + lifting + abs
Saturday, 1/10 - 7/1:01:14 - 8:44 pace
Sunday, 1/11 - 13.72/2:08 - 9:19 pace

Total Weekly Mileage (8 days): 30.4 (RUN)


Sonia said...

Great run Laurel!!!

WElcome to the great white North LOL Training for a marathon in those condition is HARD. Which is why after training for one in 2005, I swore I would NEVER do another spring marathon... Nasty!

But you're strong, your heart is filled with Florida sun now, you'll be good =)

joyRuN said...

Brrrr... That just sounded brutal. Sounds like you need a running jacket!

And a new @$$.

Anonymous said...

I get cold too after I run and it takes me a while to warm up. This happens with temps 40 an below. I hate being cold!

I can also relate to runs seeming tough even though we just ran a marathon last month! Great job getting in some lifting, I have to stop talking about it and do it.

Congrats on the extra hours too.

Unknown said...

I'm still cold from my run this morning. Reading your post made me shiver.

Glad you didn't slip on the ice though. That would SUCK.

Marcy said...

YOu don't see me butt out there HAHAHA. I am in NO way snickering!! CONGRATS chica! You did awesome!

teacherwoman said...

Brrr! I hope the weather for your next long run isn't as bad as you expect it to be! Stay warm!

BeachRunner said...

That is one "bad ass" run, homeslice. Or should I say, "red ass" run. This time of year truly, madly, deeply bites the big one. Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Brrr! I always have one more layer on top than you did for cold runs. I can't imagine not having that AND having a wet side. Good job getting the run done!

Jess said...

That sounds VERY cold!

And it always seems that every few weeks or months, a run that should be "no big deal" ends up kicking ass. This happens to everyone and is running's version of karma; it just reminds us to respect the distance. No matter the distance.

Denise said...

I'm glad I got my long run in yesterday but it was freezing then, too. Yea, I ran at Wissahickon and it was so pretty. But the puddles were frozen and covered in snow, so there were some pretty slippery spots.

I understand about the race...they add up!! I just looked at 20in24 and that's $150 to do the level I want. Geesh. Time to get fundraising!

Definitely let's meet up. And I hear you about the distance thing. 10 miles was tougher than I thought it would be yesterday...I'm chalking it up to the cold, though. Next wknd is going to suck big time.

Anonymous said...

Geez, that doesn't sound nice!! Be safe out there and bundle is way to easy to get super cold.

They are calling for -30C here on Thursday....this is nuts, never again, (remind me I said that) will I train for a spring marathon...


Irish Blue said...

Nothing like a hot shower after a cold run though, is there? I love that part.

Wow, I got behind here. Didn't realize you signed up for a March race. Awesome!!

Ali said...

I dream about a hot shower during cold runs. That run sounds brutal. It will make you tough for March!

billdowis said...

I was running this morning too, but did not hit any ice. I wish I could run over in Philly more... the closest I get now is running to the river and seeing the skyline and stadiums from the Jersey side.

Good luck with the marathon training.

Casey said...

OMG that totally bites about freezing your ass off. For realz.

SuperDave said...

Naked girl and naked tree and no pics. What's up with this blog?
32deg is my cutoff point! If that includes any kind of windchill - forget it!
Okay I'm done bombarding your many comments sections'.


way to run!!!! I am so excited to start my marathon training!

Marlene said...

I'm sure the wind, cold and icey terrain had a lot to do with how difficult the run was.

Hope you have warmed up by now - that sounds BRUTAL.

Unknown said...

Don't be shy to show off your cute red butt? No pix !!! Boring blog !! Just kidding !!!

I just ordered a Yak Trak and still waiting for the shipment to arrive. At this point, no real snow or ice accumulation here.

Does that sting your skin when taking hot shower after a long cold run?

Shoe Running said...

Sounds like you deserve some pj's relaxation time! Ice and blustery headwinds? Ick!

Good job sticking it out :)

Bert said...

Running on ice-covered roads, facing arctic winds head-on? You are a very self-motivated person, Laurel! It takes will-power to do the things we don't have to do. Keep at it! Oh yes and go Eagles!

Aron said...

BRRRRRR you are so hardcore! i cannot imagine... great job finishing up that freezing run!

My Life said...

Good GOD that does not sound fun! How long was it before you fully warmed up???

People here say the summers here are like the north's winters... and we need to treadmill during them. I guess good for you for being a toughie and getting out there!!

Unknown said...

The winter cold is starting to wear on me and it's still a log way to go. I really need to move South.

Frayed Laces said...

Wow. I can't believe Vanilla Ice used to be considered hot.

Sorry you froze your tush off.

Kaytie said...

It has been sooooo cold lately! And I feel you on the loop. I feel like EVERY time I run it, I end up facing a headwind. I'm not sure how that works; maybe this is the new curse of Billy Penn.

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