Sunday, September 23, 2007

Scary Stuff

I don't usually like to dwell on scary things but this really freaked me out this week and I thought it was worth mentioning here.

This happened Monday morning on The Rickenbacker Causeway which is a usual running spot not only of mine, but many runners here in Miami. I have written numerous posts here about meeting friends to run this bridge (the only hill in Miami) early in the morning and as a matter of fact, I am running here this coming weekend as well. I know Miami is a big city full of all sorts of riff-raff but it doesn't matter. This kind of thing can happen anywhere, I don't care how big or small of a town you live in.

You guys, please remember to be careful when you are out running. I know we run a lot of miles and feel like a bunch of bad-asses, but in reality we are easy targets running around out there. If you can't run with a buddy, stay alert and have some sort of plan in case something like this happens. Prepare how you will react and ALWAYS tell SOMEONE where you are going and when you will be back. I know I am getting preachy and we are all aware of the precautions we need to take, but c'mon. We never think something like this is going to happen and it is easy to slack off when it comes to common sense safety. This could have easily been any one of my running buddies here in town, so it is literally hitting a little to close to home for me.

OK, I'm done, sorry to freak everyone out :)

Other than that, this week was great. I got a few good weekly runs in, two gym days and a ferocious 18 miler. The South Florida weather came back with a vengeance, so forget everything I said last week about being used to the humidity. I lied. It was OK through Thursday, but Friday it poured so Saturday morning when I got up at 3:30am to get ready for my 18 miler (no, you read it right -THREE-THIRTY AM) it was 80 degrees and 91% humidity. I am pretty sure thats the highest humidity I have run in all summer. I really need to quit checking the weather channel as as I'm lacing up my shoes.

The run started at 4:15am at the hospital with Jeremy and we got back 59 minutes later (6 miles) to meet up with our Miami running groups. Then we set out for our 12 mile scheduled runs with them. Everything was fine until about the last two miles when I really started to feel the effects of the humidity. I had already changed my running shirt after the 6 miles because it was soaked, now I was soaked again from head to toe and my feet were the worst! No rain, all sweat. Nothing like running on wet sponges. Anyway, I made it back with the help of a girl in my group (Becky) who talked to me and kept me encouraged the whole way back. Thank God for her. We finished strong and at the front of our group.

Becky also talked to me about her bout with Piriformis last year that kept her sidelined the whole running season. She taught me some stretches that may help my "pain in the butt" from last week which was BEYOND painful by the end of my 18 mile run and all day yesterday. I could barely lift my left leg 6" off the ground without a searing pain running up my hamstings and right-side booty. After an ice bath and serious stretching the past two days, it's feeling much better, but I know it will come back after my next long-ish run.

Sigh. I love getting old.

So next week is my LAST long run before Columbus! Woo-hoooooo!! Bring on the taper!! :)

Monday, 9/17 - 5.65 miles/51:51 - 9:15 pace
Tuesday, 9/18 - Gym, abs, lift
Wednesday, 9/19 - 3.22 miles/28:03 - 8:42 pace
Thursday, 9/20 - 5.87 miles/1:01:03 - 10:24 pace
Saturday, 9/21 - 18 miles/3:11:04 - 10:35 pace
Sunday, 9/22 - Gym, abs, lift, 45 min elliptical

Total Weekly Mileage: 32.74


Marcy said...

That IS scary!!! Good thing I'm not running this week . . .maybe I'll sign up for some karate classes after reading that LOL Seriously though, we DO have to be careful :-(

Wow I can't believe Columbus taper is going to happen soon!! YOu will rock it! Look at you on Wednesday getting all speedy on us! You're going to kill htat marathon!

My Life said...

Yes, I would say that is hitting too close to home for you! Please don't run that bridge by yourself!!

A few years ago I was keeping a pretty regular schedule running around a lake. I was in the middle of a busy urban area so I thought I was pretty safe... until one night at dusk when I had run it twice and was completely exhausted and out of it. I was stretching by a tree and a man came up and started talking crazy... scared me to death. I was so tired I hadn't been paying much attention to my surroundings and wham - there I was, off in some trees with no one around but that guy. It turned out fine, but I'll never forget it...

Fab job on last week's runs - you're almost there! And take care of your booty!

P.O.M. said...

So excited for the taper!

Anonymous said...

Laurel, just came across your blog. Best of luck to you as you prepare for your marathon. I'm running my first marathon next year, and I love to hear other people's running stories.

Thanks also for raising the safety issue. It makes me so mad that runners (and especially women runners) have to worry about this kind of stuff when we're just trying to go about our lives. But it's still important to be safe.

Thanks again!

Before I'm 35 said...

Hooray for the taper, and thanks for the safety reminder! I think you are correct that we tend to forget so often.

Congratulations on the 18 miler!

Anonymous said...

That is a scary story! My husband tells me all the time to be careful, and I do get a bit lazy about safety.

Great job on your runs - the 21st is coming up so soon!


ws said...

"OK, I'm done, sorry to freak everyone out :)"

I know I should think about the safety stuff more, but I don't. Running on Palm Beach is reasonably safe, but I know it is all relative and it just takes one psycho to ruin that...

Everytime I walk outside I'm reminded that no matter how many hot, humid runs I do it still sucks and I'm still not 100% acclimated. The wet sponges are the worst - in fact, my last long run would have been almost pain free if my toes didn't hurt.

Is the Piriformis constant pain or spasm like? I also use the foam roller for the pain in the butt...seems to help.

Enjoy your last pre-taper week.

Sonia said...

Congrats on another crazy long run well done!! =)

That story is quite frightening, I know I am guilty of not telling anyone when I leave and where I go and I run with an ipod... I know I know all bad! You're very lucky to have a running partner on most of your runs!

Enjoy your last week of hard training, taper really is madness!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That was a scary run! We women have to be extra careful while running.

How did your last long run go on Sunday? I, too, am running Columbus on October 21. My blog is, in case you're interested. Maybe we can meet up in Columbus!

Enjoy the taper and be careful with that piraformis syndrome. I had it a couple of years ago and it is a REAL pain in the ass!

Julie D said...

Yeah, I bring mace with me on my runs. And a cell phone, usually. I get freaked out easily, and as much as I think I can run away from everything, I know that even runners are not invincible.

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