Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pain in the Butt

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So, it seems that running is a real pain in the ass.

No, seriously, my butt hurts. The right side, deep inside the muscle. Well, not so much of a pain as a dull ache. It bothers me every now and then after a long run. I feel it after shorter runs too, but it goes away quicker. After longer runs, it seems to linger around for a few days. Anyone ever experience this one before? I think it has something to do with my hamstrings because when I stretch my right one, I can really feel it.

Oh, the fun we runners experience. I never even thought I could injure my butt, unless I fell on it in a drunken stupor (which I may have done...once or twice).

It could be worse, I could be Marcy. She talks to her broken crotch. Hopefully my ass and I will not be having any heart to hearts anytime soon. But who knows. I have an 18 miler next Saturday and if it's still acting up, I may have to sit it down for a talk.

Haha, sit it BUTT. Hehe.

OK, I'm done with that.

So, I got back into the swing of things this week and feel great. I got all of my weekly runs in, had a great long run this weekend and even made it to the gym today to lift and do an hour of cardio! I think the vacation helped as well as the two weeks off of long runs. My legs were getting pretty exhausted the last few times I ran before California and after two long-run-free weekends, they are feeling relaxed and strong. I think the consistent shorter runs (5.5-8 miles) during the week helped keep the fitness up, without wearing me down.

I have even gotten "use" to the weather. Yes folks, it took me FOUR LONG MONTHS, but I am finally dealing to the humidity. The weather is still as hot and muggy as ever, (yesterday was another record breaking high of 93 degrees) but this week I have run some of my fastest paces since the spring. I ran our usual morning 5.65 mile course at a 9:14 pace which I haven't done since MAY!

I also had an amazing 16 mile run Saturday. J and I started from the hospital at 4:30am and ran 6 miles before meeting up with our Miami Marathon training groups for our scheduled 10 mile run. It was great. I got to spend the easy begining of the run warming up with him, then spent the more difficult second half with a huge group that made the run fly by. I would also like to say (brag) that I ran this 16 mile run over SIXTEEN MINUTES faster than the first time I ran 16 miles just over two months ago. I also didn't need an ice bath, or really even feel that sore afterwards. I couldn't believe how great I felt when I was done.

I did however SLEEP for almost THREE HOURS when I got home which was soooooo awesome!

In closing, today marks the official FIVE WEEK COUNTDOWN to my first marathon!!!! I can't believe it is coming up so quickly. Only TWO MORE LONG RUNS before the taper crazy! Soon I will be in the cool, crisp Ohio autumn air with the crunch, crunch, crunch of leaves underneath my tired, weary, blistered feet.


Monday, 9/10 - 6.11 miles/57:45 - 9:27 pace
Wednesday, 9/12 - 5.65 miles/51:46 - 9:14 pace
Thursday, 9/13 - 6.11 miles/58:13 - 9:31 pace
Saturday, 9/15 - 16 miles/2:50:00 - 10:37 pace
Sunday, 9/16 - Gym, abs, lift, hour cardio

Total Weekly Mileage: 33.87


ws said...

a few months ago I had a spasm like sharp pain in my ass. It was a knot hidden deep below the layers of flab. I sat on a tennis ball and moved back and forth. Sure, it left a bruise, but it untied the knot. might be worth a try...

great job on the long run. the time off definitely helps, but growing accustomed to this weather is a bitch. it should all help when we run in normal conditions though. hope you have another great week.

Marcy said...

I think know what you're talking about with the butt pain! I used to get it a lot when I ran anything that was 10 miles or over but once I stopped running it was fine.

Look at you getting all speedy!! Wow!! 16 minutes faster?!? That is AWESOME!!!

Runner Leana said...

Hmmm, your pain in the ass sounds like it might be your piriformis, and mine flares up as well (strangely enough, it really hurts when sitting). If it is, I would definitely recommend finding a chiropracter who specializes in active release therapy. You can find one here:
After two sessions it has felt so much better, although I may need to go in for a tune up in a couple of weeks though. Congratulations on your terrific 16 miler!

zanne said...

i've had this pain too ... i found tennis ball massage to be a huge relief. oh - just read your first commenters' suggestion. yes - try that. magic elixir. we are on same schedule! 5 more weeks to go!

My Life said...

Oooh Laurel - you are doing so well! Awesome about your 16 min improvement on the 16 miles... you are going to rock Ohio!!

P.O.M. said...

ha ha! I hope your butt stops acting up. Way to go on your times though!

Michelle said...

Great job on the 16-miler!!! Wow!!!

Ouch about your butt!! (sorry, that does sound kinda funny, huh?)

Lori said...

That was an awesome run! What a pain in the ass :P Hope you can get it taken care of quickly.

Sonia said...

Now that you deal with the humidity, its going to be over soon and then you'll be bitching about the winter! lol We're runners that's what we do! =)

Hope the butt situation has improved...

I am so anxious for you! You'll never forget your first marathon! Enjoy and don't concentrate on the time too much, we put too much pressure on ourselves with that!!

Julie D said...

Great job on the long run/pace. I have the butt pain as well, though stretching (if that seems possible) helps a bit. Seems like pain travels around from one area to the next.

Love the Sir Mix-a-Lot reference as well!

Running Ragged said...

Active Release Therapy helped me with my piriformis syndrome, but I like the idea of the tennis ball. Cheaper! ;)

4 more weeks to go...are you getting excited? I sure am! :) Just think in 4 weeks at this time we'll be sitting (or laying down/or whatever) talking everyone's ear off about our first marathon! lol

I wish you the best of luck!

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