Monday, October 01, 2007

Welcome to Taper City

Here is a funny photo of me running that I found online on my training group's website. And by funny, I of course mean funny-looking. Running pictures are the WORST!

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I actually seem to be enjoying myself in this picture which is funny considering it was the end of last week's 18 mile run and I was in a lot of pain. Maybe I was just delusional from the heat/pain at this point. Or maybe I was just so damn happy to see the end of the run, I broke out with that goofy-ass look on my face. Whatever the case, at least I was smiling.

That is the face of a woman that has packed up and moved to TAPER CITY!!!!


I had my last 20 mile run on Saturday and it was so much better than the week before. I think the fact that the humidity was down a bit and we ran a different part of the route helped out a lot.

Jeremy and I woke up at our usual 3am and drove out to the causeway to get in 6 miles. That run was ok except I felt really nervous for some reason. It went away after about 5 miles and I was fine.

Then I met up with my Miami training group for our scheduled 14 mile run. My lovely co-leader Ralph decided we should take advantage of the Rickenbacker Bridge and throw in a few repeats, so he led the group without telling anyone where he was going (to keep the bitching to a minimum and not psyche anyone out). Long story short we ended up crossing the bridge SIX TIMES!!!! Keep in mind the bridge is a MILE LONG.

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So basically, 6 miles of my 20 mile long run were bridge repeats!!! Since I lead the group with him and he knew I was doing my last 20 mile run, he warned me ahead of time of his plan and told me I could take off from the group and finish my run on flatter ground. However, something stubborn inside of me wanted to see what I could do. I was curious to see if I could run through the pain of a 20 mile Miami run in September with hill repeats, or if I would just jump off the bridge instead of run another step. Also, I have to say, I love my running group. They are so supportive and awesome that I really wanted to finish the run with them.

Anyway, long story short, I kicked that bridge's ASS! I was really surprised with myself. Running the bridge back and forth the last three miles of the run made me realize that I can definitely run through pain and I am way tougher than I give myself credit for. Another rock star moment I must say.

Come on Columbus, BRING IT ON SUCKA!

Tuesday, 9/25 - 6.11 miles/57:50 - 9:27 pace
Wednesday, 9/26 - 6.11 miles/57:18 - 9:22 pace
Thursday, 9/27 - 5.5 miles/55:24 - 10:04 pace
Friday, 9/28 - Gym, abs, lift
Saturday, 9/29 - 20.02 miles/3:30:00 - 10:29 pace

Total Weekly Mileage: 37.72


ws said...

what an awesome way to end your marathon training. That bridge was a bitch during the marathon and using it for repeats during a training run is a great way to finish. enjoy your taper - you actually seem excited about the time off...

Marcy said...

I like that pic! It truly looks like you're enjoying yourself :-)

Ok about that bridge . . . is there even room for you to run on that thing? LOL I'm so glad you rocked it!! All downhill from now!! WHOO HOOOO

BTW what do you think of the new Brit story? :P OUCH!!!

Sonia said...

That's a confidence booster run! Awesome, I'm happy you finished your hard training on such a good note =) Now, taper madness!! 3 weeks to go! woohoo!

My Life said...

Okay. Wow. I'm officially afraid of you now... 6 miles of hill repeats during a 20 miler? Good lord, you are tough. And that picture is awesome - look at all your muscles!

Have fun with the taper - yay!

Dori said...

Good job on your 20-miler! I did mine yesterday--I just couldn't bring myself to do it on Saturday. It sounds like you'll do very well in Columbus.

P.O.M. said...

Yeah! Congrats on your last long run. With a stong last long run, it will be easy to keep the confidence up.

Before I'm 35 said...

I can't believe you are so close to your marathon. Hooray for the taper :)

And the picture from the training run is great.

Laurel said...

Don't worry Marcy, there is a path on the left hand side. ;)

And yeah, Bratney is a hot mess for sure.

Runner Leana said...

Hill repeats on a 20 mile run - you will knock Columbus out! Hope you don't go too taper crazy over there. Gotta love those running pics, eh? Never quite the most flattering. I'm still working out how to have a good action shot taken of me.

Irish Blue said...

Did you ever know that your my hero...hee, hee.

You are in awesome shape for this marathon!! Bridge, what bridge? Twenty miles, that's childs play for you. You are a running machine.

You *really* do look happy BTW.

zanne said...

woo hoo! what a great, confident place to be in mere weeks away from your first marathon. way to go! nice job!

where are you staying in Columbus??

Tall Girl Running said...


I totally recognize that look. It's the exact same one I have everytime I cross a finish line. The exhuberant, exhausted and somewhat delirious "Oh My God, I can't believe I just did that" look. It's priceless.

You are going to rock this marathon! I can't wait to congratulate you.

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