Friday, November 03, 2006

The Run

Finally, I know what it is like to truly feel like a runner.

Last Saturday I had my very first 7 mile run, the farthest I have ever attempted. And while I was a bit nervous at overcoming the mental block of my new distance I knew my legs could do it. My ankles have been much better in the past two weeks (not perfect but better) and my knee has been cooperating as well.

I don't know exactly what it was that made the run so much better than I had expected. The fact that Mercy couldn't come that morning bummed me out a bit, but may have ultimately helped me stay focused instead of talking the whole time. The weather stayed nice and dark for a long time and although it was extremely humid that morning, it was nice and breezy and rained a few Florida showers throughout the run (downpours that last 2-5 minutes then stop), which helped to cool us down. I also ate a Powerbar that morning which is something I never do, but for some reason thought I might need it. Now I know the importance of a little food to keep you energized before you run. Whether it was the Powerbar, the walkbreaks, the group dynamic or whatever, I finally experienced the kind of run that we all dream about. The kind of run where you can stop thinking about running and just enjoy the surroundings. The kind of run where you wonder what you were bitching about all those other times. The kind of run where you wonder how many more half-marathons you will have time to train for this year.

I have often had dreams in the past that I was running at night, in the dark and felt like I could run forever; this run was the closest I have ever come to experiencing that feeling. It started out dark and breezy and after about mile 2 I finally felt tired, but it passed after about one minute. I stuck myself behind one of the guys in our group and just stayed there until I got my pace under control. The walk breaks, water stops and slower pace than I run alone really made a huge difference and three miles into the run, I lead the pack of runners with two other girls the entire way back. When I was done I knew I could have easily run at least two more miles. I felt like a rockstar. I felt like a runner.

Tomorrow morning is my next long run, 8 miles. Ha! Let's hope last week wasn't a fluke.

Anyway, I got a few other decent workouts in this week:
Sunday - Gym- Weight Training, 45 minutes Elliptical, 15 minutes Stepmill
Monday - Run - 3.22 miles - 33.25
Tuesday - Slept :)
Wednesday - Run - 3.22 miles - 31.31
Thursday - Gym - 30 minutes Elliptical, 15 minutes Stepmill
Friday - Slept :)

But the cooler weather really needs to come back. It's November for the love of God.


Anonymous said...

Yay for you! I'm still waiting for my "magic" run where I too will feel like a runner. I'm glad you found yours and that your ankles are playing nice. Just wondering, how long were your walk breaks? I always wonder if mine are too long or short.

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