Friday, November 17, 2006

In the Mood for a Race

I found two upcoming running events to sign up for this week which makes me happy since my routine is getting a bit stale. Nothing gets me more motivated to kick it up a notch than signing up for an event.

First, I signed up for a 5k Turkey Trot on Thursday.

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I was going to sign up for my first 10K, but I figured I could just run a so-so 10k or try to improve on my disappointing Race For The Cure time. I think I need just a bit more training to run a 10k the way I would want to for a race.

Then there is the Nike Run Hit Remix on Miami Beach December 14th.

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It's a 5 mile run that starts at 8pm on the beach and has performances throughout the course from Digital Underground, Coolio, Vanilla Ice, Young MC, and De La Soul! Helllooo?!??! How freaking crazy is this? And, you get a free Dri Fit. It's all around awesomeness.

Anyway, my runs this week were a little slower since I have been feeling pretty tired and my legs feel like sand bags. However, unlike in August, at least the weather is cooperating so the runs and workouts are never all that bad.

Saturday - 7miles/1:23:53 group run with 11minute/5:1 pace
Sunday - Gym -Lift, 30 minutes elliptical, 30 minutes stepmill - (Really hard day)
Monday - Slept
Tuesday - 4.6 miles/47:52
Wednesday - 3.2 miles/31:52
Thursday - Gym -45 minutes elliptical
Friday -Slept (woo-hoo!)

So, tomorrow is a big day. I have my first 9 mile run, which is pretty exciting. We are also starting from a new location out by Key Biscayne and running over the huge bridge twice. It's someone's sneaky way to work hills into our flat Miami training. But it should be pretty nice. The sunrise over the water and downtown Miami as well as mild weather in low 60's should make the 9 miles a bit less intimidating.

I hope.


My Life said...

Laurel - looks like you had a good workout week! Can't wait to hear how your 9 miler went! And you MUST do the Nike run. My TNT mentor did it in Chicago and it sounded like an awesome event! I am so jealous!

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