Saturday, November 11, 2006

I Run Like a Girl

I really want this shirt bad. Maybe Santa is reading this.
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It seems as though my seven mile run was no fluke and I really am a runner. Ever since that run, my confidence has been sky high and I am finally figuring out what style of running works best for me. I'm learning how I should pace, if and when I need walk breaks, that I NEED to use body glide, that dry fit socks and underwear really DO make a difference, that I need to keep hydrated the day before a long run and I need to eat a bar an hour before I run to keep up my energy. All the things I thought were a bunch of bullshit before seem to really be true. Imagine that.

My eight mile run was great. actually, it was even better than the seven. It was another humid, overcast day. But we kept a great pace and I felt really strong at the end. I also finally started talking to other people in the group since Mercy has had so many things going on and hasn't really been able to make it out anymore. It really was a great day. Another rockstar moment in running.

This week I kept up the same schedule as the week before, but changed my morning runs to 4.6 instead of the 3.22. I needed to break up the rut and start adding more mileage during the week. All my runs this week have been really good and I even broke through my ipod barrier after my shuffle broke this week (stupid ipods). I had this thing where I couldn't run by myself without music. But since I had no choice this week, I sucked it up and did it and it was great. It was actually quite relaxing first thing in the morning with just the birds chirping and my feet pounding. A good way to start the day. Anyway, my schedule was:

Sunday - Gym, Abs, stretch, Lift, 30 minutes elliptical, 30 minutes stepmill, level 7
Monday - Run, 4.58 - 46.49 minutes
Tuesday - Slept :)
Wednesday - Run, 4.58 - 47.09 minutes
Thursday - Gym, 30 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes stepmill, stretch
Friday - off

So, today we had another 7 mile run to give us a bit of a break. The weather was beautiful and other than my legs feeling a little heavy, I did great. Once I stretched, they were back to normal. I also invested in a knee strap.

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I look like a total dork, but whatever. This thing works! I felt my knee swelling after 2.5 miles, but it never got painful and I have been walking pain free all day today. It was totally worth me having to step to the side and adjust it every walk break because it was sliding down. That's what I get for having chickenlegs I guess.


My Life said...

Chickenlegs? ;) You schedule sounds like you had a great week! Yay you!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. Sounds like your making great progress.

Dori said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck with your Turkey Trot on Thursday.

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