Monday, December 15, 2008

Who has time for blogging?

Not me. At least that's how I feel lately.

Or running for that matter.

December is always a lot of fun, but it always stresses me out too. There is just so much to do. Which reminds me, thanks to all of you for your kind words after my last post. I was sort of in a funk and didn't even realize it until I posted that. But I'm feeling better now.

I've been keeping busy this past week. No, not with running...silly people...but other fun stuff. Here is the lowdown.

• Busy, busy, busy at work...

• Moved into our new building at work. I now have my very own huge office with my name on the door- first time ever! Still no window, but I'll take what I can get.

• Picked up a fairly simple freelance job and made an extra, quick $150! Woo!

• Started making Christmas cookies last week. We are still debating on whether or not we want to make the rest since all we seem to do it eat them all

• Took care of some Drs appointments (follow ups and checkups) that I have been putting off forever. Glad to get those out of the way.

• I got some Christmas shopping done last week, mainly for J. He's pretty much the only person I am shopping for this year since we are scaling WAY back on the gift-giving. I just have to pick up a couple of small things for my parents and I'll be done.

• Santa came early for me. I got a new iPhone yesterday! My cell phone has been dead for a few weeks now and we decided to just upgrade now. It will come in very handy to sync with all my other mac stuff. I may even brave the mobile blogging like Jess.

• I got to see my brother! I haven't seen him in over two years (since before he went to Iraq last year). He was on a layover in Philly and I drove to the airport and had coffee with him for a few hours. It was so great to see him.


• Drank a little too much this weekend as we had a function on Friday night, then went out with some friends on Saturday night. FYI, it is never a good thing to mix Margaritas, Mojitos and Vodka Tonics in one evening (notice all drinks are plural). I felt like I was doing a world drinking tour and paid for it dearly the next day.

Here we are at the function Friday night. Notice Jeremy's hair. It's his new thing, don't ask...


• Managed to get in two runs this week. I really had hoped on getting in a few more miles, but I have been super-lazy. The runs felt great, but I'm just having trouble getting myself out the door. I'm just not feeling it right now. I was going to go run today, but had zero desire.

Anyone else feeling this funk now that marathon season is over?

To all you crazy folks dealing with all that snow, stay safe out there!

Monday, 12/8 - lazy
Tuesday, 12/9 - 6.5/59:04 - 9:05 pace
Wednesday, 12/10 - lazy
Thursday, 12/11 - lazy
Friday, 12/12 - lazy
Saturday, 12/13 - 7/1:01:14 - 8:44 pace
Sunday, 12/14 - lazy

Total Weekly Mileage: 13.5 (RUN) LOSER!
Total Weekly Mileage: 0 (BIKE)


joyRuN said...

The pics of you & your brother are so sweet. I'm glad you got a chance to see him.

I've been lazing about too. I had to double-check my run log - I ran today after FIVE days of nothing!

FLYERS26 said...

I had that feeling, and have fought through it. I am running 2-3 days a week, and am planning on a late winter/spring marathon...
I don't want to say which one yet, since I need to get my ankle looked at.

Unknown said...

Everyone goes through it. Thanks for the well wishes with running in the snow ans ice. It's a pain.

Frayed Laces said...

Your brother is a major hottie! (As are you, of course). And don't you love it that our lazy weeks are ten times more active than the typical American's?

X-Country2 said...

It's great that you got to see your brother. (Military guys in uniform are always way cute!)

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics of you and your brother. Sounds like you got lots of good things accomplished.


sounds like your getting a lot done! Don't worry about the running, maybe you could do some cross training during this season?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you were able to meet up with your brother. What a great picture! Please let him know that we appreciate all he does for us.

Enjoy being lazy. Soon enough you'll be out there pounding the pavement. Sweet on the office too.

Marlene said...

Tis the season to be busy - that much is for sure!

It must have been SO nice to see your brother. Cute pics!

Unknown said...

You've been a busy girl.

Love the pics with your brother (then and now).

Denise said...

That's so nice that you got to see your brother and spend some time with him. And I agree...this time of year is too busy. How is Christmas next week already??

Progman2000 said...

I like Frayed Lace's comment - so true about our "down" weeks compared to the average American. It's important to remember that you are not marathon training (at least I don't think you are) so you are allowed to let your body rest, don't guilt yourself.

I am going to show your post to my 6 yr old daughter and 8 yr old son as proof that they may actually like each other one day.

Unknown said...

Like you, I was trying to figure out some kind of time management when it comes to blogging. I am trying to figure out a good way to use the time.

Congrats on getting iPhone. Like you, I am addicted to my Mac. Apple RULES!

I salute to your brother ! It must be awesome to be reunited with your brother! Great pix!

BeachRunner said...

Yay on the bro thang (that must have been a special visit) and yay on the extra $150 thang.

LOL at J's hair.

Hang in there and keep on smiling. Oh and enjoy the iPhone. I lurve mine.

Aron said...

great pics!!! december is a BUSY time - you will find your way back to running when the craziness is over :)

Chic Runner said...

cute pictures! Dec. is hard to get the run in, lemme tell you, I'm feeling the pain! :) And you'll love the iphone, don't worry! :) Glad you got to see your brother too! The picture of you guys is cute!

P.O.M. said...

I'm totally in a funk too. But more of a Christmas funk than a workout funk. I am giong shopping tomorrow - FINALLY. Then when I sit down to wrap presents, I will get in the mood. My family is all weird this year tho.

UHM - HELLO... you're brother is a hottie!

N.D. said...

Dude - I hear ya!! but I have missed reading your thoughts/events!! You look so cute in pics!! At least you are doing something, that's ok. It's the holidays!! enjoy and have fun!!!

Lily on the Road said...

ohhh, your own office with a name

glad you got to see your brother!!! Tell him "thanks"...just thanks...for keeping our countries safe.

'tis the season to do other things than run...enjoy!

Marcy said...

Whoooaaaaaaa Momma! Look at your hot self! Dayum!

Awwhhh you and your bro look super cute together! He's got eyes to die for!

Oy, I feel you with the funk. I don't know if it's because of the holidays or because I've been sick for-evah or what, but my runs has been absolute poop (and this is when I actually do them :-X)

Unknown said...

Oh hon! Don't be so hard on yourself! It's the time to be jolly!

SuperDave said...

I know what you mean about being busy. First to go is the running - BTW 2 runs of 13 miles isn't shabby.
Iphone - Aww, I Want one!!!
I'm glad you got to see your brother - hoping he's statebound for the holidays?
Sounds like fun is ruling your holidays, that's the way it is supposed to be!!

Bert said...


you are looking extremely svelte especially in the black outfit, great pic with your brother as well. And yes there is way too much to get done at this time of the year!

Sonia said...

OMG you were so ADORABLE when you were young!! =)

Glad you got your own office at the new job hopefully that will mean a full time position very soon!

Yeah please ask J what the heck he is doing with his hair??? ;-)

Shoe Running said...

Ooo! Sounds like a sweet deal with your new office :) I've never had my own office before...seems like a big deal!

And 13 miles is better than nothing! Especially in December.

You look super cute with your bro...then and now!

Happy Holidays!

Irish Blue said...

I love the then and now pics too! Great that you were able to meet up.

Yes, I definitely am in a funk and things feel crazy busy and my running is suffering because of it. Plus, it's 8 degrees today and everything outside is covered with a quarter inch of ice. Even my crazy running club pals called off on the Saturday run yesterday, and they'll run in about anything.

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