Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Official Marathon Mumbo-Jumbo

Here it is. The official time from the Philadelphia Marathon, in all it's bright, shining, yellow glory.


God, am I really 33? Sometimes I forget until I see it in print somewhere. Talk about a buzzkill.

We also got the race pictures back, courtesy of Island Photography. I wasn't overly impressed with any of the photos. They were all just O.K. Actually, I love the one of just Jeremy. He actually looks like he might be having a decent time. Ha, the paparazzi just happened to be there the fraction of a second he smiled in 4 hours and 20 minutes (and 25 seconds).


Apparently I just wave in all my pictures. Like, I'm Miss America or something.



Yeah, I'll buy this next one!

I have never seen my face look like that before, I look like I'm dying! The only thing that is weirder than my face is Mr. Red Shorts in the front of the picture. What's up with that guy?

Of course he is probably looking at his pictures going, "What's up with that chick in the purple shirt behind me? Is she losing control of her bowels or something?"


Hi again.
"Thank you all for coming out to support ME!"


The big finish.


Maybe next time, instead of doing the "parade wave", I'll try to look like I'm actually running in a picture or two.

So right after the marathon, like a lot of you out there, I jumped onto marathonguide to find another race where I could redeem the 10 minutes or so I felt like we lost from Philly. I'm sure a lot of this has to do with the euphoric runners high I was experiencing after the marathon. But a week later it hasn't worn off, so I'm still considering it.

I found two races that peaked my interest, mostly because of their close proximity and the fact that they are only four months away. The first is the Ocean Drive Marathon in New Jersey. It sounds like a beautiful course, but all the reviews I have heard say that it is insanely windy and desolate. Not sure how I feel about that.

The second one is the National Marathon in Washington DC. It seems like a pretty decent race, a nice course, got great reviews and is much smaller than Marine Corps.

You actually have to qualify to run The National Marathon. Wooo-fancy pants! Granted, you only have to have a 5 hour race, but still. It's almost like Boston. Ha, ha!

I thought Jeremy was going to think I was nuts when I mentioned these to him, but he is actually interested. He has to go to the doctor to get his foot looked at (it's been bothering him for a couple of months) but if all is well, he said he wants to train for a new PR. More than likely we will go with The National Marathon. I have never been to DC before, so it would be fun.

In other news, I finally got out for my first two post-marathon runs this week.

Monday, I ran about 3.5 and felt great. I thought, like always, I was running a bit slower, but clocked a 9:15 pace. No aches or pains whatsoever. I felt a little tired after my first hill around mile 2, but other than that, I was fine.

Tonight after work I ventured out onto Main Street for a longer run. As soon as I started running I was instantly grinning from ear to ear. I felt wonderful! It was nice and cold with a clear, dark sky full of stars. Main street was bustling with people and lined with leafless trees covered in twinkling white Christmas lights. My legs felt great and I even charged up a few Manayunk hills.

For some reason I thought this particular route I had mapped out was under 6 miles, but later when I logged it online, it was 6.5. I hadn't planned on running so far, but was glad I did. I felt like a new person when I was done.

I'm hoping this feeling lasts. I haven't had the best of luck in the past when it comes to not getting some sort of odd injury or sickness to keep me sidelined. If this keeps up, I'll be training again in no time.

Watch out Diddy! I'll be sure to wave as I pass you!


joyRuN said...

WHOA! How'd you get your island photo pics so ginormous AND clear?

Wait - never mind, don't tell me. My pics won't look so fabulous when they're ginormous & clear.

The great thing about Ocean Drive is that it starts in lovely Cape May - you can make a weekend out of it. Let me know if you & Jeremy sign up. The chatter in Philly bothered me, so maybe desolate would be good?

Progman2000 said...

Does this mean you're not doing the NJ Marathon in May? I have looked at the National Marathon before too, I agree that one looks cool. Never even heard of Ocean Drive (how lame am I, living in Jersey and all...)

N.D. said...

Great job on the post marathon runs!!
I think the pics came out really cute!! And I love that results thingie with the time. I print that page out and put in my scrapbook with my bib #. It feels good when it's a good time!! I did the Ocean Drive 10 miler last year. They weren't kidding about the wind. It was pretty freezing and definitely windy. For a marathon, I think its a smaller crowd. We started with the marathoners and ended at 10miles. I'll probably try for the 10miler again on that one. The other one sounds cool esp having to qualify! The NJ marathon in May is supposed to be a good one too!

Anonymous said...

I think the pictures are good. I was the same way after the marathon in October. I hit one of my goals, but I felt like I could have done better. So I signed up for another.

I think your running is only going to get better and you will hit the times you want. I hope Jeremy's foot is ok.

Don't you just love the feeling of a good run.

teacherwoman said...

Those pictures are great! :) Gotta love the race pics!

Marcy said...

But you are Miss America my dear! ;-) 33 is a fantastic age! I SOOOO can't wait to get into my 30's already. Really, I'm excited (weirdo)

What about the NJ Marathon (like Prog suggested)? I've been eyeballing it. The course is flat and the reviews on it are good!

Unknown said...

Glad you're getting right back on the horse to chase down Diddy.

The guy in the red shorts is just plain creepy. Love the miss America wave.

Jess said...

The Nat'l Marathon is a good choice; I didn't know you had to qualify for that one.

As long as you'r not accompanying your wave with your desire to have "world peace" then I don't think you're MA material quite yet.

Kristin said...

Did you scan your pics in? We were trying to figure out if there was a way to get a digital copy? Anyways, there is some MAJOR conflict of running interest May 3-4. The NJ marathon, Flying PIg (was the non-local one i looked at), and Broad Street run!! Im sure you've heard of the Broad Street 10 miler. Lots of fun in Philly, but its no marathon. I think im leaning towards the broad of NJ. I hear awesome things about the NJ! Have a good weekend!

BeachRunner said...

Great pics Miss Ameri-homegirl. You look smokin for such an old fogey. ;) LOL.

Yay for the DC national marathon idea. I want to go!

Aron said...

LOL the photographer caught everyone's weird face in that pic :) great pics though!! i love the wave :)

ohhh cant wait to see which one you pick!! national marathon sounds like a great one!

Chic Runner said...

Those pictures are priceless! I love them. Great jog on finishing too! :) You are cute when you run I love the wave! I always look like I'm going to kill someone.


Lily on the Road said...

Love your pic's, you actually made me laugh out loud about the guy in the red shorts...too funny!!!

Runner Leana said...

Love the pictures! Mr. Red Shorts does look pretty funny... Congratulations on getting out there for some great post-race runs. Hope Jeremy's foot is okay!

Denise said...

Your pics are great! Mine are usual.

The DC marathon sounds good...I might have to check that one out. I heard back things about the Ocean Drive one, too.

Are you going to run Broad Street this year? I'm trying to decide between Broad street (which I love) and the Lehigh Valley half...

Sonia said...

Ok that guy in red has no neck and a weird face LOL and you definitely look like you are dying in that same pic... who said running was graceful? =)

Very happy you've got the runner's high still, so jealous you get to train for another marathon! I hope it's nothing serious for J's foot.

Kristin said...

hey laurel.. wasn't sure there was a good way to email between blogs... as this is my new hobby, I'm kinda unsure. I was wondering about back on my feet and if you are involved in it at all? or just supported it for your marathon? Its a group i would love to get involved with...but I don't know much about it?

Marci said...

I like your pictures, how did you get them so big? Mine are all puny and scrambled when I try to enlarge them!

X-Country2 said...

I loved everything about this post. :o) Great pictures and comments.

That post-marathon bug sure is tough to kick, isn't it? The National Marathon sounds excellent, and you should practice telling people, "yeah I qualified for it, so I'm pretty sure I'll run it." Hee!

SuperDave said...

Nothing wrong with "hamming" it up for the cameras. At least you have a great smile. :)
It sounds like you are still on your runners high. What a great feeling!

Unknown said...

Great pixs !!! I have tried to copy the pictures but ended up getting smaller. How did you get it so big?

Like you, I am looking for another marathon to sign up. This time, I have to make sure the weather is going to be good. Need to find a "warmer" marathon. I am tired of freezing my balls lately.

You might want to look into NJ Marathon. Did that twice!

Neese said...

great (and funny!) pics! way to finish, I think that's an admirable pace for a marathon!

N.D. said...

Did you decide on your next marathon?
I don't even know how I have the time or patience to run mini runs all day long. Probably because my life is eat, run, do lesson plans. Good thing Bill watches alot of sports while I'm doing this. Glad you like my little runner ticker. : )

SuperDave said...

Whoa!! I just realized something.. I know you are making fun of the "wave," but is that you in the beauty pageant?
She looks like you!!
Hubba, hubba .. haha

Shoe Running said...

Way to go with your post-marathon runn'n! Go girl! :) I'm glad you are all gung-ho about your next one too! Congrats on being ambitious :)

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