Friday, October 24, 2008

Show me the Thanksgiving love and help us support a great cause while we run Philly!

One day when Jeremy was out for a run he had an epiphany.

As a professor of Sport Management, he was wondering what he should be doing his research on and was having trouble getting motivated.

While he was out there pounding away, he came to the realization that if he was going to have to spend countless years on research, it may as well be about something he is passionate about.

So he decided on running.

Since then he has been reaching out to local organizations to do work with them. He contacts different races, marathons and running clubs in Philly about doing research.

In his searching, he came across a local organization that he and I instantly fell in love with (and I think all you runners can appreciate), Back On My Feet.

Back on My Feet, a non-profit organization that promotes the self-sufficiency of Philadelphia's homeless population by engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem.

Philosophy: Back on My Feet does not provide food nor does it provide shelter, but instead provides a community that embraces equality, respect, discipline, teamwork and leadership. There are no labels, no stigmas and no stereotypes. At Back on My Feet, all members – regardless of race, education or socioeconomic status – join together to move their own lives forward as well as the lives of their teammates. Back on My Feet is much more than just running - it is a comprehensive program that offers connections to job training, educational scholarships and housing assistance. The benefits of Back on My Feet are earned through the currency of attitude, commitment, teamwork, respect, dedication and leadership.

The founder, Anne Mahlum, has even been chosen as a finalist in CNN's Hero's of the year award. Each of this year's honorees will receive $25,000 and will be profiled in a documentary tribute. The program will culminate with the announcement of the "CNN Hero of the Year," chosen through an online vote by visitors to Voting ends November 19.

The Hero of the Year will receive $100,000 and be revealed during CNN HEROES: AN ALL-STAR TRIBUTE Thanksgiving night. (9PM ET)

Please take 2 seconds and vote for Anne and Back on My Feet here. It's easy and you can vote as often as you want until November 21st!!!

You can read more about BOMF and watch the videos that CNN created about Anne and her organization here.

It's hard for me to watch these videos and not be a completely moved. Like most of you that read this blog, I started running to try to improve my life both physically and mentally. Running and training has provided me with the confidence and positivity that my life was lacking before. It have improved my life in so many ways I cant ever imagine a life without it. When I run, I feel like I can do anything.

This is why Back On My Feet is such a special organization. They are trying to help provide these things to the people who need them the most.

So, Jeremy and I decided that this year we would run the Philadelphia Marathon for this wonderful cause. We have set up a page where people can sponsor our run. We are trying to collect only $1000 by the Marathon, which we will run on November 21st. I know times are tough all around and I HATE asking anyone for money, but if you feel you can, please click here to see our page and contribute. Any amount, small or large will help us reach out goal.

Here is our page on where you can help sponsor us.

Even if you can't donate the money right now, please take a moment to vote, vote, vote for Anne and her organization so that they can be supported in the way they deserve!!! You can vote as often as you want and be sure to watch for it on CNN in Thanksgiving!!!

Thanks in advance everyone!!!


BeachRunner said...

What a great cause. Great job! I will be sure to place my votes.

Jess said...

That is a great cause; the video made me tear up a little. I voted for her.

SuperDave said...

What a wonderful cause! I watched part of the documentary a couple of months ago on CNN. I'm guessing Anne is who it was about and of course, the homeless. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful cause. I will be sure to vote!

N.D. said...

This is great, I have given old running clothes to someone who has been a part of Back on My feet. It is a great cause.

Sonia said...

Great cause, I heard about something like that for people who went to jail and are trying to get back to a normal life and ex-junkies.

Marcy said...

Oooooohhh I remember this! Didn't they have a little blurb on it in a recent RW? Ohhh Laurel that's such a wonderful cause :-)

Kim Hayworth said...

awesome Blog.. I am a follower

Runner Leana said...

It sounds like a great cause. Congratulations and best of luck fundraising!

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