Sunday, October 05, 2008

Only in Philly

Someone told us when we were moving to Philadelphia that one of the best things about the city is that there is always something going on. He said on any given day you will walk down the street and a random parade will roll by, or a movie will be in production, or there will be an unexpected concert or show. He said no matter what, we would never get bored and that there is always a certain energy to Philly that is contagious.

And he was absolutely right.

I noticed this yesterday more than any other day while J and I ran our 18 mile run around Fairmount Park. In the span of three hours we came across:

• A MILLION other runners enjoying the beautiful fall weather

• Not one, but TWO 5k run/walks that were in progress

• The Schuylkill river full of rowing teams practicing up and down the river

• The Philadelphia International Dragonboat Festival (which looked like A LOT of fun). We actually had friends that were racing in it and tried to find them to say hi (around mile 15 of our run) but decided to keep running.

• A free Bruce Springsteen concert that was being set up in front of the Art Museum on Ben Franklin Parkway to encourage voter registration

Only in Philly. Needless to say, it was a great run.

The best part of it all though, I must say, is the weather. It was one of those amazing fall mornings where the air is crisp and it's clear and the sun filters down through the trees and makes all the colors look more brilliant than they usually do. It was like running in my idea of heaven.

I know most of you must think I am crazy for going on and on about it, but I haven't lived through a true autumn in about 10 years. It's always been my favorite time of the year, ever since I was a child and to have it back have the crisp weather, the beautiful colors, the smokey, spicy smell in the air, the warmer clothes, the crunch of the leaves, the pumpkins...I'm in love.

Plus, it makes training for a marathon sooooooo much easier. Last year when I trained in Miami from June-October, I think my coolest training run was maybe 65 degrees? And that was early morning and it was waaaaay humid.

So far this week these beautiful temps have helped me PR twice on my 7 mile route (1:04:38 and 1:03:02) and helped me run my fastest 18 miler to date (2:59:23 - 9:48 pace). All three runs were great, fun and comfortable enough to make me push myself in the end.

Plus I picked up a great new pair of running capris that I busted out for the 18 miles on Saturday. They were perfect. No more cotton for me! Bring on the cooler weather!!!

Today J and I decided to jump on the bikes for a short recovery ride to loosen up our legs. But once we got out there our 16 mile ride ended up being another ride out to Valley Forge and back. We had a great time. Once again, the weather was perfect and there were a ton of people on the bike path taking advantage of the beautiful Sunday.

Here is a quick shot in VF.

My Sleazy Rider.

All in all, I had a pretty productive week with decent mileage in both running and biking. Now I just need to work on the core strengthening and weightlifting and I'll be set.

Now it's time for Hot Chocolate, the Phillies and the Eagles. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Monday, 9/29 - off
Tuesday, 9/30 - 7 miles/1:04:38 - 9:14 pace
Wednesday, 10/01 - Bike/35 miles
Thursday, 10/02 - 7 miles/1:03:02 - 9:00 pace, core, weights
Friday, 10/03 - off
Saturday, 10/04 - 18.28 miles/2:59:23 - 9:48 pace
Sunday, 10/05 - Bike/31 miles

Total Weekly Mileage: 32.28 (RUN)
Total Weekly Mileage: 66 (BIKE)


Anonymous said...

Great job this week. I love fall too and can go on and on about it every year. There really is just something about the crisp air that brings new life to each day.

Enjoy all the happenings in Philly.

N.D. said...

Isn't it great - I love this weather! I forget where exactly you guys moved to but the changes from miami mostly sound super positive. Wait till winter though! Your thoughts on fall made me really appreciate it even more - but I've always loved fall! Now I want to go make pumpkin something!

N.D. said...

P.S. Great job on the long run!

Sonia said...

I love autumn running also! The air always seems fresher and the leaves crunch your steps make when you step on them... so nice =) I wish I could do more of that!!

Way to go on that 18 miler!! You are getting faster and faster Missy! So jealous!! =)

Irish Blue said...

You are getting smokin fast girl. I love your description of fall. I feel the same way. I love everything about it...leaves, smells, pumpkins, turtlenecks, running in the low temps. It's the best. isn't it? Enjoy!!

Marcy said...

Oy, am I the only person that dreads Fall? It just means one thing to me: The snow will be here before you know it LOL

Aron said...

i loooove fall weather. just dont like the short days :)

awesome job on your run!!!

SuperDave said...

I love Fall!
I moved from Chicago to escape the big city. I am truly jealous..
Today I seen 1 runner - LOL!
I am moving to Philly :)

Christie said...

Wow. You're just out and about in Philly doing your thing. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself here. Oh, there's a party tomorrow night at Silk City in case you're interested. It's always a good time.

Dori said...

The Springsteen concert was on the news today. I've never been to Philly, but I'd like to visit some day. All that history! Sounds like you're in great shape for your marathon. :-)

Christie said...

I haven't gone to Silk City in a couple of months. I used to go more often when I worked a later shift. One of my friends is guest DJing tonight. I was thinking about going. They also have a live band. It's a good time.

Lily on the Road said...

I love fall, glad you are enjoying it!

Sounds like a sweet weekend! Philly does sound busy, that is so great, I've never been there but Philly is now on my list!

BeachRunner said...

Great job on the 18 miler (and good for you to observe the sites and sounds as you run). Philly is a great town. Sometimes we forget to "smell the roses". Nicely done.

FLYERS26 said...

Great job on the run!
Philly is a cool town, especially when their sports teams are doing well.
Hopefully the town will be a glow in a sea of RED for the rest of the month!

joyRuN said...

Thanks for stopping by, Laurel! I'm excited to kinda know someone else at the Philly Marathon.

I LOVE this post about Philly. Makes me miss the city even more *sniffle*.

And yes - apparently, the 2130's are done :( - stock up!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Quite the athlete...great job!

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