Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Phun Photos Phrum Philly

So, Action Sports International sent us our pictures today from the Distance Run. And here I am in all my glory, I think it's my best race picture yet...


I told you it was cold out.

OK, I'm being silly. I had to post it though. I love costume runners. Except the fact that they are all faster than me. Anyway, here are the lovely shots.

Not too bad. I look like I might be thinking about smiling.


Either dancing or meditating...


I look sort of bootylicious in this one (not in a good way), but whatever.


As I was looking through some of the race pictures, I found my new soul mate. Sorry Jeremy, I'm leaving you.


Hells YEAH! I LOVE crazy old people. For real, I am in love with this guy. I need to meet him.

And he probably finished the race in like 1:45.

Anyway, not too much to report around here. My achilles, actually the entire bottom half of my body was pretty sore for two days after the race, which surprised me a bit. I had run a few 14 milers leading up to the event that were pain-free so I didn't think it was going to happen. I suppose it was from the lack of running I did last week and pushing myself the last two miles. Either way, I was pretty worried about the achilles. It still hurts a bit but it's not as bad as it was on Monday. I decided I would rest up and not risk it. I have my first 16 miler in almost a year this weekend and the last thing I need is to get injured. I've won the battle but not the war, I still have the Philly Marathon coming up!

Tuesday I was still sore so I decided to get out for a bike ride. I rode a nice, easy 18 miles (1:23) to loosen up the legs and it actually helped a lot.

Wednesday I was going to run but ended up getting sidetracked with other randomness. I went to talk to an agency about some freelance work and it ended up being a pretty good meeting. Not sure if they have a ton of stuff for me yet, but it sounded promising and they seemed like great people to work with (you never know what kind of weirdos you will meet when you freelance). If nothing else, at least I got a little networking in and got to show my portfolio. I hate job interviews, so any practice I can get is great.

Today I cleaned the entire four floors of my house (ugh) and ventured out for a 6 miler. I started out slow and picked it up just a little as the run went on. The ankle hurt a bit, but after about 3 miles it felt much better. The weather was prefect (65 degrees and overcast) and I finished the 6 feeling strong (6.2 miles/59:24). It's amazing how different 6 miles feels in Philly than the blasted heat and humidity of Miami. I've cut about 30-45 seconds off of my pace without even trying.

The night ended well. I made Thai peanut chicken and coconut rice for dinner and J and I snuggled under blankets on the couch with hot tea and watched the season premier of The Office. Good stuff :)

Oh, and here are my workout stats from last week since I forgot to post them.

Monday, 9/15 - off
Tuesday, 9/16 - 7 miles/1:05:15 - 9:19 pace, core, weights
Wednesday, 9/17 - Bike ride - 32 miles
Thursday, 9/18 - off
Friday, 9/19 - Bike ride - 16 miles
Saturday, 9/20 - off
Sunday, 9/21 - Philadelphia Distance Run! 13.1 miles/2:04:22 - 9:33 pace

Total Weekly Mileage: 20.1 (RUN)
Total Weekly Mileage: 48 (BIKE)


Marcy said...

OMFG I am DYING of laughter of that old dude!! That is one sweet shirt! I bet he's a dirty one HAHAH

I think you look good in all the pics, you crazy woman!

N.D. said...

the pics turned out good! I like the characters but could NEVER do it - and the old people - love it.
LOVE IT! hope your achilles is feeling better. Great job on the workouts!

Jess said...

That's right, The Office was on last night, huh? Thank god for the DVR.

Great pics from the race, and great job on that 10K run!

Runner Leana said...

I love that guy's shirt!!! It sounds like you've had a great weekend. The chicken dish sounds yummy. Good luck on that 16 miler!

Aron said...

just found your blog :) great pics! i never smile in mine either! i will have to catch up on the race report too!

Progman2000 said...

We have a lot in common - Philly will be my 2nd marathon. I just ran the Philly Distance Run. And my achilles hurts - ARGGGGG! I feel your pain, I am resting it also, I will be watching your progress hoping you will send some positive karma my way (thanks to N.D. for pointing your blog out to me).

BeachRunner said...

Great pics. You and that old dude rocked it. That old man looks like he should be a character from the Simpsons.

Irish Blue said...

I love the old dude. Looks like a shirt my dad would wear. He's the king of the theme shirt. Too funny!!!!

What an awesome race and week you had. Continue to rest up and recharge.

I want to come to dinner at your place. That meal sounded yummy.

Sonia said...

Hope the job interview went well. =)

I love the 2nd picture of you. That old guy is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!

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