Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Cure for the Common Running Ailment...

Immediately after my "totally awesome" 7 mile run on Tuesday, I started to notice a pain in my right achilles tendon. I didn't write anything about it in my last post in the hopes that it would magically disappear. You know, the whole, "pretend it doesn't exist and maybe it will go away" school of thought?

Well, it didn't go away. My achilles is "a-killing" me.

Lol, my friend Jackie told me that joke, I can't take credit for it.

Anyway, I was planning on doing another 7 today and 4 tomorrow but decided the best thing to do is just rest it until Sunday. I don't want to make it worse before the Distance Run. So ice and ibuprofen are my new best buds.

Yesterday was beautiful and I was itching to get out, so I jumped on my bike and rode up to Valley Forge National Park. The whole ride was about 32 miles, which I think is the longest I have ever ridden. It was a beautiful ride. I took my time but stayed at a decent pace and enjoyed the time alone outside with my thoughts.

Of course it was the ONE time in my life I didn't have my camera. It's too bad too. The park was amazing and I saw all sorts of crazy wildlife. I saw chipmunks, deer, even a groundhog!

I know these are normal woodland creatures, but I don't think I have ever seen a real groundhog in my life. On my runs in Florida I would see lizards, iguana, snakes, bats, toucans, parrots, gators, armadillos, squirrels, naked guys, prostitutes, crackheads, etc. But never a groundhog! It really is nice to have a peaceful, beautiful setting to run in with creatures that wont bite your leg off, fly in your hair, ask you for money or shock you with their penis.

While I didn't have my camera to take any photos yesterday, I do have this little video I shot a few weeks back while i was riding on the bike path trying to catch up to Jeremy while he was running.

The video really doesn't do it justice. It's beautiful out there and I love it.

So today instead of running or biking I decided to get my exercise the good-old American way. CONSUMERISM!

I walked around the mall for about 4 hours today to pass some time and look for running capris. I didn't find the capris, but I found a way to ease my pain...


And here in Philly they have the most BEEE-UU-TEE-FUL DSW I have ever seen over in the King of Prussia Mall. This place is huge and awesome and has the best selection of any DSW I have been to yet.

Today I ventured out because I needed some new shoes for any possible jobs that may come my way. Normally, people buy clothes for jobs after they get paid. I am not normal. At least not when I walk into DSW.

But all in all, I did pretty well. Three pairs of shoes for under $100. All can be worn to work (well, the boots are really more for play, but I can wear them with some brown slacks) Not too shabby.

First pair:

I needed a FLAT pair of black shoes to wear with slacks for when I need to walk to the train and around the city. Something I can wear to work. Right now when I go on interviews, I wear my flip flops and keep my heels in my purse until I get there. Very "Working Girl" circa 1988. Also a pain in the as%. Here is what I found.



Very cute and comfortable.

Next, I found these shoes in red and I have ALWAYS wanted a pair of red shoes. The price was right and the heel was low, I can definitely wear them to walk to the train and in the city. They are really comfy.



Lastly, these boots are made for walking and kicking butt! They are soooooooooo pretty. Not completely for work, but I can definitely wear them to work if I want to. (LOL, what work?) The heel is pretty low AND they were boots for $34!!! COME ON!!!

They look good with pants...


and without!



I'm in love! Who needs running clothes and a healthy achilles when you can have these bad boys?


Anonymous said...

First, have lots of fun this weekend. Now on to the shoes. I love all three of them!!! How cute and they are all versatile!

Lily on the Road said...


I don't think we have a DSW in Canada, dang!

Look after yourself, glad you finally got to see your first groundhog! LMAO, there are EVERYWHERE here!! LOL....

Runner Leana said...

Love the new shoes! Those red ones are fantastic!

Marcy said...

"It really is nice to have a peaceful, beautiful setting to run in with creatures that wont bite your leg off, fly in your hair, ask you for money or shock you with their penis."

ROFLMAO! I TOTALLY need to move down to Miami! I'm sick of the wildlife already LOL

I used to love DSW. I haven't been in there in ages. Super super super cute shoes!

P.O.M. said...

So so so cute. I got really into flats recently too. I have some cute black mary jane ones and silver ones. The Captain (yes, he is still around) is 6 '4 so I feel super dainty when i wear them. ha ha. I've never been a dainty gal. DSW is great. It's like therapy at it's finest.

Laurel said...

LOL, I don't ever think I've felt "dainty" in my entire life! I need to wear flats more often!

N.D. said...

The video CRACKED me up. I was laughing just as you see your husband come into the picture and get closer and closer. Hahaha. Which part of the trail was that? It is funny to read about stuff around here like the mall and trail, I like it! DSW is great! Cute shoes - 3 for 100 is great. I love shopping there. I think rest was the way to go, I hope you are feeling 100% on Sun! Even though its 80s hopefully it will still be in the 60s and low 70s by the time we finish!

Laurel said...

Hehehe...I was stalking my prey.

Sonia said...

Ohhhhh the red shoes are just so cute!! Good for you for getting out there and enjoying a ride instead of torturing yourself with a run... you're becoming very reasonable, send some that 'good' sense over to me!

Sonia said...

BTW that running path will be gorgeous with the fall colours! You'll have to take pics then.

Jess said...

Beautiful shoes!

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