Saturday, July 21, 2007

Never Say Never

I never thought I would see the day when I thought a 12 mile run was "short".

I also never thought I would believe that 79 degrees with 78% humidity was cool for 5am.

Never say never.

Todays run was short and cool as mentioned above (shorter and cooler than last Saturday). I think I may finally be getting into a groove of summer Miami marathon training. My running has been getting a bit easier again as I finally stuck to all my runs during the week. I still need to get to the gym two days a week though. Next week, next week...

Monday, 7/16 - 6.1 miles/60:50 - 9:57 pace
Wednesday, 7/18 - 6.1 miles/59:40 - 9:45 pace
Thursday, 7/19 - 6 miles/60:29 - 10:00 pace
Saturday, 7/21 - 12.69 miles/2:20 - 11:40 pace

Total Weekly Mileage: 30.91

In other news, I bought new running clothes the other day!!! :)

Nothing revs up the old drive and inspiration like some new running clothes/shoes/gadgets. I have been having a problem lately with excessive sweat from the humidity soaking my shorts and causing them to ride up during the ends of my longer runs. I found an awesome pair of Adidas shorts the other day with a softer, looser waistband and compression shorts built in underneath. I wore them for a 6 and 12 mile run this week and they work GREAT so far. I'm pretty excited. Only downfall is that they don't have a pocket of any sort. That and when I went to the Adidas Outlet store today I found the same pair in a better color for $14 cheaper. Grrrr... Oh well, at least I know where to get my next pair.

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Sexy, I know. It was 4:45am, what do you want from me?

I also love the two new singlets I got as well. Woo-hoo! I have more than one summer running outfit now!

Finally, Sweet Micki tagged me as a RAWKIN BLOGGER GRRRLLL!!!

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Thanks Micki :)

Now I get to do it back to everyone else. Funny thing is, a lot of my favorite blogs have already been tagged. If you have, no need to redo it, unless you have a few more homies you want to recognize.

First up, back to you Micki.
This girl is forever PR-ing and I love reading her get stronger and more confident as a runner everyday. Plus, she has the cutest kiddies!

Second, there is Sonia.
Like a true Canadian, this girl is as friendly as they come no matter how many miles she is running. Her laid back attitude is contagious and makes for feel-good reading. She is the kind of person you feel like you have known forever I always leave her blog with a smile on my face.

Third there is Marcy.
Marcy is always good for a LMAO and a few LOL's!! She has a sense of humor for days, is a way better runner than she gives herself credit for and reminds me of some of my most hilarious friends.

Fourth there is Josie.
If you haven't read this girls blog PLEASE do it now! You will not be disappointed. Her sarcastic sense of humor, witty writing style and total honesty about running and life in general always leave me cracking up at my computer.

Last but not least, there is Irish Blue.
First of all, she is from Ohio so there are a few cool points right there. On top of that she is honest, funny, down to earth aaaannnd we are both running our first marathon in Columbus! It's fate!


Marcy said...

Blah, Blogger is giving me troubles. Sorry if this comes up twice :-/

Awwwwwhhhh thanks chica!!! ;D You're so sweet! I just started reading Josie's blog not that long ago, I think I followed her over from your blog LOL. OMG it's hilarious! Definitely good reads.

Those shorts are CUTE!! I should definitely look into those types. I always wear compression shorts and I'm totally sure the people around me do not appreciate it :-X

Killer on the runs!! Awesome job!!

Michelle said...

Hey, thanks for throwing some love back my way! Awesome!! :-)

I love those shorts! I need to get something like that. Cute!!

I agree about Marcy. I usually get a huge laugh from her comments. They are so spot on!!! She does rock, too!!!

Oh, and I did PR again tonight for five miles. Crazy!! I still have to get it in my blog, but I have to bathe the kidlets first. ;-)

ws said...

Great run, Laurel. Weird how our view on distances change as training continues.

I'm with Marcy and if I'm running more than 7 miles or so, I wear compression shorts. And, I'm yet to find any running clothes that can survive the heat and humidity. When I get home from running I'm tempted to squeeze out my sweaty clothes to see how much they've absorbed. Boy, do I miss running in 70 degrees in January!

Sonia said...

I wish I was at that place where a 12 mile run was an easy thing! lol Your training has been going so well, you're going to rock this marathon!!!

I was seriously so happy you tagged me! I've been feeling kinda down (explaining the no-update on my own blog) so that definitively cheered me up!

Are you getting used to wearing the fuel belt???

I only wish I could wear shorts for running... too much chaffing going on with this girl! lol

Happy running!

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