Monday, July 30, 2007

Sometimes You Deserve a Treat

Last week J and I finally decided to give in and splurge on the ultimate post-run treat.

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Nothing helps you to get over the pain of a long run more than watching "Rock of Love" in HDTV. Sweet Jesus, what happened to Bret Michaels face? There is such a thing as too much botox.

Other than that, not much exciting to report on this week. Busy with work, life, blah, blah, blah...

I had a meeting last week with Footworks.They are the running store in South Miami that does the huge marathon training program that I used last year while training for the Miami Half-Marathon. I have been asked this year to be a team leader (along with two others) for the 10:30 pace 5:1 group. J has led one of the faster paced groups the past two years and it was pretty nice that they asked me to help out. Especially since I have never actually run a full marathon yet. Maybe I'm supposed to keep that part a secret, hmmm... Thankfully, the main leader in my group has been doing this for a few years and has it mostly under control. I'll just stand around and act like I know what I'm doing ;)

Anyway, the program starts again this Saturday for the Miami Full Marathon training, so it will be interesting to see how J and I manage to coordinate our long runs. For example, this week Miami has a nice short 3 miler, but we have a 20 miler scheduled for Columbus. Not too bad, but as the weeks go on, it could get pretty hard to juggle it. We'll see.

Training has been great. I kept up with all my runs, made it to the gym one day and had a awesome 18 miler (another first!)

Sunday, 7/22 - gym, lift, abs, 30 minutes elliptical
Monday, 7/23 - 6.1 miles/61:14 - 10:01 pace
Wednesday, 7/25 - 5.65 miles/57:00 - 10:05 pace
Friday, 7/26 - 2.9 miles/27:55 - 9:37 pace
Saturday, 7/27 - 18.02 miles/3:06:38 - 10:21 pace

Total Weekly Mileage: 32.67

Pretty good mileage, not as great as I had planned, but it was good.

I had a little scare with an odd foot pain on Friday, hence the short run. I stopped a short run even shorter since I was doing 18 miles the next day. It was an odd sensation on the top and side of my foot, but thankfully it has gone away and not returned. Phew.

My 18 miler was great. It was my first long run back with J and while I was scared since I had toned down my pace a little in the past few weeks, it felt great to run with him again. Our pace was right on this week too, 10:30 the whole run. It was pretty hot, but I somehow had a lot of energy. I even cut out the walk breaks the last mile. I think I may be getting used to this running thing.

Ask me next week after my 20.


Marcy said...

OMG ROFLMAO at the Bret Michaels comment. I've been too scared to watch, although I don't know why because I frequently watch CatHouse on HBO. Could it be any worse than that?

Sweet TV!!! I want one sooo bad!! Ahhhhhh pleasures like that will unfortunately have to wait a couple years for us :-( The kids ding up everything. Like they're not supposed to hammer the tv with their toys or something? LOL

Awesome job with the 18 miler!! And congrats on being a training team leader! You can help me when I get around to doing a full marathon. I'll need all the help I can get LOL

Lori said...

OMG! That 18-mile run was AWESOME!!! I'm so glad to hear that you didn't have any more foot pains during it either.

Rock of Love is one trash show I surprisingly haven't gotten sucked into yet, but give me time. With my track record and VH1's love of rerunning everything to death, I am sure it won't be long :P

TX Runner Mom said...

I just found your blog from Marcy's blog. Love the post run present...very nice!

Jason The Running Man said...

Awesome job on the mileage! Sweet TV is right!

Dori said...

That's awesome that you were asked to be a team leader. I was team leader for my marathon training group last year and enjoyed it.

Good job on your 18 miler! Sometimes when I've had foot pain at the top of my foot, loosening the laces towards the bottom has helped. Good luck with your 20 miler.

Sonia said...

That was a quick 18 miler Laurel!!! Geez you're fast, you're going to have a speedy marathon! =)

That's quite the tv!! If I'd bought that not sure I'd want to get out for a run or anything for that matter!! lol

ws said...

Nice TV. Rock of Love is a terrible show and yet I'm sucked into it - it is the "so bad it is good" TV category. Like all of the MTV and VHI Reality. Congrats on leading a pace group. I think I 'joined' a pace team from Footworks in the Miami Marathon - hope they didn't mind. That's a long program for Miami...a full 6 months almost. Great job on the 18-miler. Aren't the mysterious disappearing pains the worst and the best?!?

Tall Girl Running said...

Sounds like we're in about the same stage of marathon training... I have my 18 miler slated for next weekend. Right now, though, I'm singing an Ode to the Fallback Week. ;-)

Run on!

Sonia said...

what's going on with you lady?! No updates? Hope the heat didn't kill you! :P

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