Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'll play along...

I've been tagged by a couple of you (Michelle. and Irish Blue) to post 6 weird facts about me. Hmmmm...

1. I have moved a total of 11 times since I moved out of my parent's house in 1993. In those years I have lived in Tampa, FL, Athens, OH, Circleville, OH, Columbus, OH, Memphis, TN, Starkville, MS, and Miami, FL. Quite an eclectic mix. I am not in the military, I just like a change of pace.

2. One of my favorite meals is pasta with cottage cheese. I know, it's odd. I think it is from when I had no money.

3. I gave a guy CPR one time after he electrocuted himself while standing in a puddle of water and plugging in a refridgerator. The EMS guy said he would have died if I hadn't done it. It was very surreal and I still have trouble believeing it happened, even though it was over 10 years ago.

4. When I was a kid in the early 80's,I was obsessed with You Can't Do That on Television. I would hold a tape recorder to the TV to record the audio of the show and listen to the tapes over and over in my room at night. For about a year, I couldn't sleep without one playing.

5. I am 1/4 Lebonese and 3/4 Slovak.

6. I hate Goat Cheese. It's pretty much the only thing I wont eat.

There are many more, but I was only asked for 6 so, I guess that'll do.

More on running later. :)


Michelle said...

Wow about saving the guy who electrocuted himself!! You're a hero!!!

Sonia said...

pasta and cottage cheese..... ??? you're sick!!! lol

Jason The Running Man said... saved a life, I bet it was surreal. Cottage cheese and pasta...hmm...I may have to try that!

Erlina said...

Thanks for sharing the "fun facts." Is it wrong that that CPR one made me giggle? I just had a vision of the guy standing in a puddle plugging in the fridge.

Laurel said...

HA! Yeah, he wasn't the brightest bulb on the tree.

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