Saturday, June 23, 2007

Always a Little Crazy on Every Run

I've been busy with so many little things it's been hard to update lately, but training has been going pretty well for the most part despite the weather. It's funny, we run early (6am) to avoid the heat, but the humidity levels are at their highest here that time of the day. So, its the lesser of two evils I suppose. This morning the weather at 6am was 73 degrees, but the humidity was 82%. Uggh.

So here is a quick update on my training over the past two weeks. I want to make it short because there is a really funny story about last week's long run I HAVE to share.

Last week:
Monday 6/11 - 3.4 miles/32.:38 - 9:39 pace
Tuesday 6/12 - Gym, lift, abs
Wednesday 6/13 - 5.6 miles/52:40 - 9:24 pace
Thursday 6/14 - 6 miles? /56:30 - (not sure of exact distance during this run)
Saturday 6/16 - 8 miles/1:28 - 11:10 pace (not sure what happened to our pace here)
Total Weekly Mileage: 23
Lift Days: 1

This week: ( I slacked a little since I was out of town a few days)
Wednesday 6/20 - 5.6 miles/52:38 - 9:23 pace
Saturday (today) 6/23 - 10.38 miles/1:37:35 - 9:24 pace
Total Weekly Mileage: 15.98
Lift Days: 0 Booo!

Todays run was very warm, but I felt pretty good until mile 9 when we had to cross back over the Rickenbacker Causeway. For those of you who never saw my last post on this bridge, here is a picture of it.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I have run this bridge before and never had any problems. But today it sucked. It felt about 10 miles long and on the way down I actually had TEARS welling up in my eyes. Good thing I had sunglasses on or I would have never heard the end of it from J. Ha! But I DIDN'T STOP and ran all the way to the end of the run. However, I seriously think it was some of the hardest physical activity I have been through in a long time. It was worse than anything I felt running the Half-Marathons. I suppose I will have to get use to this pain if I am going to do 26.2.

So anyway. Last week...I'll try to make it short.

So we are running 8 miles last Saturday, which sucked because it was raining the WHOLE time. We thought about cancelling, but what kind of marathon runners would we be if we couldn't run in a little rain? Basically it sucked, by mile 4 our clothes AND shoes were soaked to the bone and the whole run we had our heads down making sure we didn't splash through any unnecessary puddles.

Around mile 6, we passed Cocowalk, a fairly busy pedestrian mall with many outdoor restaurants, bars, shops, etc. and were making our way back on a road called Main Highway. It is a busy road and on Saturday mornings it is always bustling with runners, walkers, bikers and drivers. It is called Main Highway.

So we are runnning, minding out own business, passing random runners, etc. when all of the sudden J bust out with a sudden warning,

"O.K. this guy is naked."

As if to say, "Watch out, he might be swinging that thing!"

I look up and sure enough, there is a guy walking towards us, TOTALLY NORMAL looking, young guy (18-23), clean shaven, not looking a bit drunk/stoned/tired/crazy whatsoever. And he is TOTALLY naked. No clothes at all. Not even shoes. He was walking towards Cocowalk with a newspaper in his hand, not to cover himself with but more like as if to say,

" I'm gonna go to Cocowalk on Saturday morning and get some breakfast outside and read the paper...where there are a ton of people...and cops...and I'm gonna do it naked."

And that my friends is why I love running in Miami. Cause you always see a little crazy on every run.


Dori said...

OMG, what a story! Naked Guy sounds one brick short of a load. Congratulations on your training; another week done. That bridge looks tortuous!

Jason The Running Man said...

Funny story! Hey I watch Miami their shop right down there? Great job pushing through the runs. My 5k last night felt worse then my half!

Michelle said...

I am sitting here giggling over naked guy. He's got balls! (He did, didn't he? LMAO!!).

I agree about the bridge looking torturous! I really don't like long straightaways that go on forever. Might as well make time stand still while you're at it. ;-)

Great job!!

M said...

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Sonia said...

Naked guy.... awesome ;-)

Good job on the training so far, I feel your pain about the heat... Windsor was so bad tonight, 32 oC feeling like 42.... the humidity is so high. I cannot wait until the winter comes back!

Laurel said...

Yeah, Miami Ink isn't too far from here. Its on the beach and when I am out there I pass it all the time. I actually ran into one of them (Chris Nuñez) at an art supply store a few weeks ago and I know a few people who have been filmed on the show!

Always something fun to see in Miami :)

Jolene said...

My husband saw two homeless people having oral sex when we were in Miami Beach last Christmas. He swears he's scarred. I was only sad I missed it (I was running, he was walking behind me). I love crazy people.

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