Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Going and Going...

I did some serious running last week.

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I logged 31.11 miles from last Saturday to this past Sunday. That is the most I have ever done in one week and that includes the times I was training for the two half mary's. Considering I'm not training for anything and just running to run, I am pretty proud of myself. Although, lets be honest...this wont be an every week occurrence. I think I just had a alot of energy.

After last Tuesdays 3.2 miler around campus I was inspired. Wednesday morning I had a nice run with J and Kevin around the golf course (5.6miles/52:41/9:24 pace). Thursday after work I ran with my friend Mercy around her hood which she said it was slightly over 6 miles (56:26). Although I love running with J, it was nice to switch things up and run with someone different and in a new environment. We also talked the entire time which made the run fly by.

Friday and Saturday I took the days off (mostly due to an excessive birthday celebration). Then Sunday morning J and I did our long run. We totally lucked out and woke up to a beautiful, sunny, warm, yet low-humidy filled morning. The run was great. Well, at least for the first six miles, then I started to wear out. We ran from the circle to the toll booth to Key Biscaye (10.71 miles). After we were done I realized why I was so dead. Our time was 1:44:13 (9:43 pace). While it was no world record, it was definitely faster than I have ever run that distance before. I was exhausted for the rest of the day.

Monday I went to the gym to just do some easy lifting before work (yawn).

Oh yeah, and I cut off all my hair.

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Yes, it's very short and I love it! Just in time for summer!


Erlina said...

Geez! That' a lot of miles in one week. Thanks for the inspiration! Since my HMs, I've still been running, but much less than before. ....Great haircut btw.

Dori said...

What a great haircut! I'd be inspired to cut my hair off if I could look that good. Unfortunately, I know I wouldn't. Good job with all that speedy running.

Michelle said...

I love, love, love your hair!!!!! So pretty!

I did something like that a few months ago, if you remember from my blog. I just had my hair chopped off and I couldn't be happier with it. So much easier to care for!

Jason The Running Man said...

Awesome job with the mileage. Wow I am impressed!

Jolene said...

Wow. 31 miles in a week? I don't think I've ever done that. But don't ever use me as measuring stick!!! ;-) Egads.

peter said...

The haircut looks great to me! I guess you don't cut your own hair like I do. It helps in cutting your own hair when you don't have a lot. Your times are great too. Keep it up. I did Columbus in 2003. What a dream course, nice and flat and well supported. It was my PR (4:16) for 2 1/2 years.

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