Sunday, May 20, 2007

Busy wasting time

So I had to change things up a bit here. As a graphic designer I get a bit bored looking at the same visual stimuli for too long so I changed my template. I also started a new photojournal in an attempt to force myself into shooting at least once a day. I love playing with my cameras and take one with me everywhere I go so I'm hoping this little experiment will help my photography skills as well as a give me an easy way to document my life with as little typing as possible.

I also finally posted a countdown clock for my first marathon that I found on Micki's page. Maybe if I stare at that clock ticking down it will inspire me to get off my butt and run some more.

Last week was ok. I got a few good workouts in.

Monday -05/07- Gym - Lift and Abs
Tuesday - 05/08 - 5.6 miles/51:32 - 9:12 pace (good run)
Wednesday - 05/09 - off
Thursday -05/10 - 3.2 miles/27:01 - 8:23 pace (NEW PR!!!)
Friday - 05/11 - off
Saturday - 05/12- 10.71 miles/1:44:36 - 9:45 pace
Sunday - 05/13 - Gym - lift, abs, 45 minutes elliptical

Not too shabby. During the 10 mile run on Saturday we ran past a 10K that was going on. We didn't even realize we were running on their course. We were like,

"Why are there traffic cones and cops everywhere?"

Then all the sudden a few thousand people were running towards us. It was pretty funny. It also gave me the motivational boost I needed to get moving.

The Thursday run was pretty awesome too. Another PR for the campus loop. Only ONE SECOND shy of a sub 27 minute run. Oh well. It's coming soon, I can feel it.

Actually I think I was feeling inspired running with Jeremy that morning since it was our anniversary.

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Awwww...four years of wedded bliss. We both worked all day but had a nice dinner later at Flemming's Steakhouse. And of course, a super-fast run with him was a nice way to start the day.

This past week wasn't so good as far as running is concerned. I wasn't feeling so hot earlier this week so I just took some time to sleep in before work. After work I was feeling exhausted so I just relaxed. I did manage to get in two workouts at the gym.

Monday - 5/14 - Gym - Lift and abs
Sunday (today) - 5/20 - Gym - Lift, abs, 40 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes stepmill

I was beating myself up about it. Then I realized in a few weeks I would be running my brains out in the Miami summer heat at least 5 days a week while I train for my first marathon. That made me feel better.

Oh yeah, and I went to the beach again yesterday!

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Not that I'm trying to rub it in or anything ;)


Michelle said...

Awww, happy anniversary!!

Love that wedding pic. So pretty!!!!!

Let me tell you, having that clock ticking away on my page really keeps me motivated. I hope it helps you, too! :-)

Jason The Running Man said...

I'm jealous...I love the beach. Great job on the workouts. Happy Anniversary!

Dori said...

Happy anniversary! That's a great wedding picture. Enjoy the beach as often as you can. I used to live in Newport Beach and hanging out there was just a way of life.

Our marathons are on the same day! I'm running in San Francisco on the 21st. I'm going on vacation for two weeks, then plan to start my marathon training. Whose training plan are you using? I'm thinking about following Hal Higdon, since I won't be with a running club.

Sonia said...

grrrrr... definitely jealous of that beach time!!!!!! You're EVIL!! Torturing us that way!!

I love the pic of your wedding on the beach, definitely something I want to do when I get married (one day!)

Have a good running week

Danielle said...

Helloo nice post

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