Friday, August 29, 2008

A New Chapter - Philadelphia Freedom

First things first...

Thank you all so much for all the wonderful, kind words you sent my way from my last post. I know I have been awful about replying back, but I want you to know that I read every one and they all meant the WORLD to me. Thank you all so much, thank you, thank you, thank you...

I have been meaning to catch up with everyone and update this thing for the longest time, but life has been crazy the past few months and I always find an excuse not to do it. Mostly, it's because I'm lazy, I mean let's be honest, but there are other reasons as well. :)

I have slowly been reading and trying to catch up with your posts even though I haven't been leaving comments. Although I must admit after a few minutes of reading, I feel like a fake. I know it's stupid but I have been having a REALLY hard time getting back into running again. There were a few months there I really was barely even trying. With everything that has been going on it's been hard to find my rhythm. I'll do great for three weeks only to get to a week where I barely squeeze in one run. This is when I realized I needed your guy's help again. I needed to jump back on here and catch up with you all and try to get my head back in the game. And I have two good reasons for it.

1. The Philadelphia Distance Run (Half Marathon) , September 21st.

2. The Philadelphia Marathon (Full) , November 23rd.

So maybe you're thinking, "Gee Laurel, why are you traveling to Philly for TWO races this year?" Or maybe you're not thinking that, but let's just pretend. Well, one of the main reasons life has been so hectic these past few months is that we moved to Philadelphia four weeks ago.


Yes, that's right, the City of Brotherly Love. Or Killadelphia, depending on who you listen to. Either way, it's a good move, made at the right time for a million different reasons.

Long story short:

Jeremy and I had always been struggling with whether or not we wanted to settle in Miami or not. We loved all our friends there and we loved the fact that my parents were so close (3.5 hours away) but in reality, we weren't really happy there. We weren't in love with the city, we couldn't afford a house there, we hated the hot weather (trust me, it get REAL old, fast), and we were not totally excited about our jobs anymore. But at the time we were pregnant so we figured, we would stick it out, have the kid and see what happens.

When I was still pregnant J got a call for two interviews, one from Temple University in Philly and one from another school out west. We figured he would go interview but that we really weren't going to leave (because of baby). Then fate stepped in (refer to last post) and a week after all that happened he went to interview in Philadelphia.

The interview went really well but we still didn't think we would leave. I mean, I really was in no state of mind to pick up and leave my friends and family and move to a strange city. But after he brought me up for a couple of visits and we toured the city, I was hooked. The people at the University where he is working are WONDERFUL and made every effort to make us feel like family and it didn't take long before I fell in LOVE with the City of Brotherly Love. After a month of sleepless nights, therapy, major decisions and finally blessings from our family and friends, we made the decision to leave Miami and move to Philly.

Before we left I told him I needed a race to train for. Now, with no baby I could run a race again and maybe make up for the injury last year that made me miss the Miami Marathon. So we decided the best thing to do is train for Philly in November. That way we can spend a few months training and running and getting to know the city. After we signed up for the full, we leaned about the Distance Run and decided that would be a great half-marathon to run as part of our training.

So that's where we are at now. We are in Philly and loving it. Of course, life is still not perfect and this move hasn't solved all the problems and pain we have encountered in the past year but it's the first step in a new direction. It's the path towards healing and starting new. I still have days that are rough and admittedly there are days when I miss my friends and yes, even my job so much it hurts but that's all part of it. We have moved across the country a few times now and while each time it is hard, it's always a fun adventure (although I would feel better about this adventure if I could find a job, but that's a whole different post).

And deep down inside I have to wonder about fate. Yes, fate, the thing I went ON AND ON about in my last post. The thing I was sure did NOT exist. But when all is said and done, sometimes I can't help but wonder if things really do happen for a reason. I mean, in reality, every move you make, every word you speak, every nano-second of your life paves the way for everything that will happen in your future. So many random events in my life these past two years have led to where I am sitting right now, I can't help but wonder why...

Anyway, I promise my next post will be about running now that I have you guys back to motivate me. I have a lot to catch you up on ;)


Sonia said...

It is SO great to read an update from you... I checked your blog yesterday and nothing was new!

Congrats on making a big move, I'm glad you love it there. Did you also find a job???

Another full eh?! You like torture! Oh well if I was injury free I'd jump on the bandwagon too.

Take care

Marcy said...

I was going to say the same thing as Sonia! I'm SO HAPPY to see you!!! ;D ;D

My Gosh, Philly?!?! Wow! I hope you have those winter clothes, chica! HAHAHAAHA CONGRATS GUYS!!

The cool thing about running is maybe you can join a group or something and make friends that way too?

Philly's not that far away. Maybe I could join for for another full (that is IF I survive my fist one HAHA)

Anonymous said...

Glad things are getting better. Congratulations to Jeremy on the new job. Running around Philly is going to be exciting and new. How fun a new start, new city, new jobs, new races, new schedule! Can't wait to hear all about it.

N.D. said...

Thanks for your post - welcome to the Philly area!! That's so exciting you are doing the distance run and marathon. The distance run is so well run and the medal is SWEET! IT is one of my favorites. I did the philly marathon last year - also a great route and loved it! I am wondering if I can do the 1/2 at that time! When did your friend do the full? I have been thinking about it - I'm definitely running enough! I'm doing the baltimore 1/2 in October and I've been considering doing the full - but then started thinking I'd be slower/take longer etc, and was it worth it. Well, awesome on the runs coming up and welcome to the area! There are some great places to run by you !

Michelle said...

I am so glad to see you back here, Laurel!!

That is great that you're liking your new city!! Sounds like it's been a busy couple months for you. I know nothing can erase what you've been through, but maybe this change is a really good thing for you guys.

I can't wait to hear more about Philly! I have never been there (or Miami, for that matter), so it will be neat to hear about it from you. :-)

Unknown said...

Awesome post !!! I am only about a couple hours to Philly from my hometown and I have already signed up for Philly marathon. I do happen to know other bloggers will be running there, too. No question, you are going to love Philadelphia.

Lily on the Road said...

The Universe does work in mysterious ways...good for you and hubs to be moving in a forward direction...congrats.

oh, this now makes me consider running Philly next year....mmmm, maybe!

Sonia said...

Now, I'm sad cause I realised I was not going to see you at the Miami marathon in January! =(

Registered for the full but I seriously doubt my foot will let me do it... so it might have to be the half. Unless a miracle happens and I can start marathon training on Sept 21 I'm going to forget this crazy idea lol

Pray for a miracle!!

Hope you're doing well. =)

My Life said...

Ohhh Laurel... moving is so hard even when it's a move as exciting as yours is. Hang in there and have faith that all things will eventually fall into place. Friends, job, knowing your way around... it all takes time.

I'm excited for all the new opportunities coming your way, especially with the running! ;) And I'll be counting on you for some gorgeous fall pictures...!! xo-T

Runner Leana said...

Laurel, I was wondering how you were doing. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. The move sounds exciting though, and I hope you guys really enjoy it out there. I'm glad to hear you have something to train towards - I can't wait to hear how it goes for you.

Jess said...

Well, I think I'm fully caught up with you now. I had wondered where you went to, but I figured you'd been absent from the blogosphere because you were busy.

I'm sorry to hear about the unfortunate difficulties you've had to endure, but Philadelphia sounds great. And I can relate to this dilemma of moving out of South FL. My husband and I are kinda in a similiar boat.

We love our friends here, and we have great jobs, but neither of us truly loves living here. The weather, like you said, gets old real fast (especially as a runner), but there are othe rthings as well, and we sometimes look at other locales. For now, we're not leaving FL, but I doubt we'll make FL a permanent home.

Kira Gartner said...

I found your blog through Leana's, and I just wanted to say welcome to Philadelphia! I've lived here my whole life, and it's a great city.

I was out there on the PDR on Sunday also. It was a great race. Congratulations on your PR.

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