Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Long Lost Me.

So, I haven't been around much this past week or two. Between not running and the impending holidays, I haven't been thinking about blogging too much. However, my solemn vow is to spend some time this weekend at my parents house on the couch with the laptop, stuffed from Turkey and Pumpkin Pie, catching up on all you running nerds. I miss my pals. :)

So things have been OK. I have spent the past week walking Zero and getting to the gym a couple of times to lift and work out on the elliptical. Nothing too exciting. Saturday morning was my Miami Marathon training group's first 20 mile run of the year. Since, there was no way I could run it, I decided to borrow a friends bike and ride along with them. It sounded like a great idea until:

A) I had to get up at 3:15am to NOT run.

B) I had to spend over FOUR hours COASTING on a bike.

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My ass/crotchal region is still recovering three days later.

I am still glad I went though. I think it was good for me to get up and still be a part of it so that I just don't sit around and feel sorry for myself. Also, the weather was so nice Saturday morning, I actually had to wear a jacket the entire time. That's pretty much unheard of around these parts.

At the 10 mile turnaround we all gathered for a group picture that came out great considering we huddled together in about 3 seconds to get the shot. I'm third from the left on top :)

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Other than that, things are good. My knees are feeling better every day, but they are still a bit sore and tender. The most random things hurt them, like when I tried to do crunches on a stability ball yesterday. It was murder! So strange. The good news is it gave me a great excuse to not do crunches.

I am hoping with another week of rest, ice and Motrin, they will be better soon. Hopefully.

In other news, I have been tagged by POM and Leana to post 5 random facts about myself. There are hundreds of thousands of weird,random facts about myself, but I will try to keep it brief.

Fact number 1:
I worked as a bartender/server/manager in the service industry for ten LONG years. Every time I go out to eat, I thank my lucky stars I went back and got my degree.

Fact numero dos:
I, much like POM went through a "dark" phase in high school. I wore all black and about 30 cross necklaces, had REALLY big hair, listened to only metal music (mostly Metallica, Iron Maiden and Anthrax) smoked ALOT of this and that and had a pretty bad attitude in general.

Here I am at 15, smoking in the girls bathroom in high school. Lock up your sons!
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From here I went through my "alternative" phase, my "grunge" phase, and my "hippy" phase, with better and broader music following me every step of the way.

Here I am at 22, living in Athens, Ohio.
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I think I never realized who I was for real until I was about 24 years old. Which is just a normal person with really good taste in music from all her different phases.

Fascinating Fact number 3:
Goat Cheese sucks! Yes, that is a fact.

Fact Four:
If I hold open a door for you and you just walk through it without either grabbing it from me or saying "Thank You" I WILL say something mean to you. You can blame my living in Miami for my increasingly thinning patience with bad manners.

Final Fact (5):
I quit smoking last year after a 16 year habit. It really makes the whole running this easier.

Next up (forgive me if you've already been tagged):

1. Taryn (when she's back)
2. Sonia
3. Micki
4. Irish Blue
5. Leah


P.O.M. said...

Ok, those pictures are freakin' High.Larry.Ous. I am afraid to bust mine out. I threw alot away becuase of this psycho boyfriend I had in the 90s.

Yep, it's my hip that is causing all this drama. Sucks so bad. So I will enjoy the copious amounts of wine and food without burning any extra calories. Bring on the scales. NOT.

Oh. I also make comments to rude people. Like saying "you're welcome" when they forget to say "thank you."

Marcy said...

OMG!!!!! Awesome, awesome pics chica!! Nothing like having a couple blast from the past photos! I should not talk though, if I whipped mine out they'd be of me with braces and thick, thick lensed glasses. So hawt, so hawt :P

There have been people that HAVEN'T said "thank you" after opening a door?!? I don't think I've run into one yet. Remind me NEVER to move to Miami LOL

Jess said...

Those pictures are awesome. I wish I'd had a "dark" phase or "hippie" phase! I was just a nerd.

Michelle said...

Ooooh, you tagged me!! I will have to get my butt going, then!! :-)

Irish Blue said...

You are the second person to tag me too, so I'll have to get started on a list.

Wow, that was some hair. I started smoking in high school too. Sigh...what the hell were we thinking!!

I was in your home town? Too cool! We stayed at the Preserve at Tara. The Broken Egg is awesome. Loved the hashbrowns...little too much!

Have fun with the folks.

Before I'm 35 said...

Thanks for the tag! I LOVE the metal head picture :)

I am glad your knees are feelin' better, and the picture you (I assume) took from the bike is awesome!

Sonia said...

I cannot believe you got up at 3:15AM on a Sat to bike! lol You're my hero, when I wasn't running, you could found me on the sofa eating chips... lol now that this is over and I put on weight, back into swing of things!

I am still hoping to recover enough to do the marathon but I don't want to be stupid and just end up hurting myself. Have you tried ART? I don'T want to preach to you too much about it but it really does wonder and since your problem is with soft tissues (I think) you should try it!

Anyway, yes I am still coming down to Florida, whether to run the full or change it to the half! I will be there =) We definitely have to meet!

I think we had sort of a similar teenage-young adult years! lol If I had a scanner I would put some pretty horrendous/hilarious pictures of how cool I thought I was... anyway you're pretty courageous! That was quite the hair! lol

zanne said...

i love that - you got up at 3:15 am to NOT run. THAT is dedication! sorry to hear you are still not running. i know how frustrating that is! i loved the pictures of your running group - that is one big group! love your "phase" pictures ... you couldn't pay me enough to show mine! yours are actually cute.

Viv said...

Those are awesome! I loved the one of smoking in the bathroom. You had the perfect bangs!

Being an ex-Miamian, I can totally relate to the rudeness. When I first moved to Texas I though there is something wrong with these people. They are too friendly.

Great blog, and glad your feeling betta.

My Life said...

Ohhh Laurel - love this post! Especially the bit about the holding the door! ;)

I'll post to your tag here in the next couple of days... being "back" after so long is overwhleming!

Off to read more of you!

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