Friday, August 31, 2007

California Dreaming

Just when I thought I was for sure going to move out of Florida because I couldn't take the humidity any longer...SWEET RELIEF!!!

This morning the humidity was only around 78% (as opposed the the usual 89%) and you could REALLY tell the difference. It's so funny, how I actually thought it was cool out. Mind you it was still 80 degrees outside, but compared to Monday's run it was a breeze. Monday the weather was so hot, humid and still at 6:30am I vowed to quit running FOREVER unless I moved to the arctic tundra...or north Florida at least. I really had had enough. But thank goodness for today. It really restored my faith that one day, even if it still is a few months away still, the weather will cool down and running will not be so torturous.

The good news is that for the next whole week I wont have to worry about it because I'm off the CALIFORNIA!!!

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Woo-hoo!!!! My long lost vacation has finally arrived!!! I know I just went to Denver but that was only for a weekend and not really a vacation, but more just hanging out with the kids. And while this week we are hanging out with J's family the first few days (all of whom I love and can't wait to see), we are managing a few nights on our own.

Tomorrow through Monday we will be in Riverside and then on Tuesday (my BIRTHDAY) we are driving to San Diego to spend a night in the Gaslamp District then the next two nights we'll be at the Hotel Del Coronado. I really am so excited to go on a real vacation, I can't control myself. It's been over a year and I am soooooo ready to be away from work and Miami.

Speaking of which, most of you know that I work as a graphic designer therefore I am CONSTANTLY on the computer. This makes it hard for me to post often since when I get home from spending all day stressed out on a computer, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of another one and write a blog. This is why I am such a slacker lately when it comes to posting and responding to posts. I love everyone's comments and feedback and please know I am reading everyone's blogs as well, its just usually in between jobs at work and when I have a few minutes at home. So if I don't respond right away, just know that I am thinking of you and reading yours as well. I love learning and laughing from everyone's running/life experiences. :)

All that being said, I am not TOUCHING a computer for the next 8 days, so I will catch up on everyone's running when I get back as well as updates on how awesome it was to run in the "arctic tundra" of San Diego!!!

Monday, 8/27 - 5.65 miles/54:16 - 9:36 pace
Tuesday, 8/28 - 5.6/54:30 - 9:43 pace
Wednesday, 8/29 - 6 miles/1:00:14
Thursday, 8/30 - OFF!
Friday, 8/31 - 5.6 miles/52:26 - 9:21 pace
Saturday, 9/1 - Going to CALIFORNIA BABY!!!

Total Weekly (week and a half) Mileage: 22.85


Sonia said...

We will both be in California!! Awesome! Too bad you're not in San Francisco we could have done a coffee break together! (I would have prefer running break but I'm still not back to running yet).

Oh well, have fun and enjoy the California sun =) I know I will!!

My Life said...

Looks like you had a good week with the consistent 6ish milers! Seriously, bless your heart for running outside in that humidity - you are soooo much tougher than I am!

Have an awesome vacation - make sure to eat some yummy mexican food - it's the best there!

Before I'm 35 said...

Have a fun time in Cali and a happy birthday!

Jenniferlyn said...

Just came across your blog and wanted to say hi! Great job with the runs, and have a nice vcation in CA!!!!

Irish Blue said...

Have a great birthday in California. Enjoy the weather, change of scenery, food, family and don't go near a computer!

Michelle said...

OK, so you're probably already in California!

Too bad you're WAY down in the south part of the state. I'm WAY up in the north part of California. Too bad you can't come here and run through the beautiful redwoods!

Can't wait to hear all about your vacay when you get back!

And happy birthday!

Lori said...

That sounds like an awesome vacation and how perfect for your birthday! Have a great time!

Runner Leana said...

I hope you are having a great vacation!

Dori said...

I hope you're having a good time. San Diego is a great town. Happy Birthday! :-)

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