Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring Training

I'm back in the swing of things after sitting on my butt and whining all last week. I'm feeling better, more energetic and ready to get serious again about running, lifting weights and getting in shape in time for the upcoming marathon training and summer in general. I really need to spend the next few weeks eating better and toning up. I have come to the realization that I can run all I want, but my body is stuck and I need to get serious about NOT skipping my gym days. I always feel better after lifting, especially after a weekend-long food fest when family comes to visit.

Last weekend my parents came to town to celebrate J's birthday. It's always great to see them and we had a nice time showing them around Miami and relaxing around the house. Of course we ate waaaay too much, but what's a celebration without food? And alcohol. And more food...

I was also pretty excited to get my brand new t-shirt quilt that my mom made for me.

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She decided a few months ago she needed a hobby and settled on quilting. I told her I always wanted a tshirt quilt so she was excited to make one for me as her first project. I brought her a bunch of old tshirts the last time I was in Sarasota that I dont really wear anymore but can't bring myself to throw away. I am a tshirt JUNKIE, I'm talking dozens and dozens, so I had no problems finding old shirts for her to use. It came out great and I love looking at it and reminiscing about all my old favorite bars, restaurants, concerts, places I've lived, etc. Maybe one day I will get a running quilt.

Anyway, here are my workouts since my last post.

4/14 (Sat) - 3.22 miles/27:56 (8:40 pace) Hot, humid and miserable
4/16 (Mon) - 5.6 miles/53:33 (9:33 pace) Decent run
4/18 (Wed) - 5.6 miles/ 51:21 (9:10 pace) Beautiful morning, great run.
4/19 (Thurs) - Hour long walk with Zero
4/20 (Fri) - 5.66 miles/51:34 (9:06 pace) Farthest run EVER without stopping once! Felt great. Yay me!
4/21 (Sat) - Gym. Abs, Lift, 30 minutes elliptical
4/22 (Sun) - 5.78 miles/54:58 (9:30 pace) Late run so very warm, but nice breeze.

Not bad. I'm finally feeling pretty motivated. It was hard to get back into it again after the Sarasota Half.


Sonia said...

Awesome quilting!! 2 tumbs up to your mum! I also have tons of t-shirt that I keep as memorabilia and never wear, I should suggest that hobby to my "new retired" mom! =)

Great job on getting back at it!! =)

Dori said...

What a cool idea for a quilt. Your mom did good. :-)

And you did good too with those workouts. Congrats on running almost 6 miles without stopping.

Thanks for commenting about my "talent." That must be why they give out medals.

wuzen said...

finally got to see it, looks pretty nice.. :)

Jolene said...

Your quilt looks waaaay better than the ones I always see in the back of running magazines. WAY BETTER. In fact, if I had a mom who could sew like that I would have actually kept all my race t-shirts!

And congrats on the 8-min. miles the other day! I feel like I'm going to keel over anytime I enter 8:50 territory on the treadmill. I have to take a breaks between each mile to let my heart rate return to normal. I really don't get how anyone can run faster than 10 min. a mile!!! I'm jealous!!!

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