Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Listen to Your Instincts

Sometimes it's hard to hear that little voice inside your head that is telling you to do all the things in your life that are good for you.

Even if it's screaming at you.

Jeremy and I had planned to go for our 5.6 golf course run early this morning which was totally fine with me. Until I decided to polish off a bottle of red wine last night while catching old episodes of Sex and the City. I woke up without a hangover but was really tired. As Jeremy sat in the living room at 5:45am waiting for me to get dressed, I hemmed and hawed in the bedroom trying to think of every excuse in the book not to go. Although the windows were open and the last few remaining days of humidity-free Miami weather were calling to me, I just wasn't having it.

I walked to the living room and whined.

"I don't feel like going..."

Instead of encouraging words, his response was brief.



This is why running with your husband is wonderful and terrible all at the same time.

Anyway, I went (stupid guilt) and it was a beautiful morning. Once I got out there I felt great, very light and calm for some reason. Our friend Kevin was there when we arrived so we started our run together.

One of my goals for this year is to try to run a 10k without doing walk breaks. I always do 3-4 miles walk-break free, but anything beyond that I usually add them, including our 5.6 mile runs in the morning. Even if we cut the walk breaks back, I usually do at least three. Since Kevin was there and he doesn't do them I told Jeremy we should try to just run the whole thing (by WE I meant ME since we all know they can run circles around me walk breaks or not). He asked if I was sure and since I was feeling so well around mile 1 I decided it was a good day to try.

Long story short. The run rocked. Not only did I cut out all walk breaks (with the exception of the mandatory stop we do for water around mile 2), but I also ran an average of a SUB 9 MINUTE MILE the WHOLE TIME!!! The 4th mile was rough, but having the boys there talking helped to take my mind off things.

Final stats:
5.6 miles
50:14 minutes
Ave pace: 8:58 per mile
PR for course!!! Next goal sub 50 minutes (soooo close)!

Moral of the story: Always run when you are trying to find excuses not to. They are always your best bet. It's fate's way of tricking you into keeping up the excercise.

I'm on to you Fate.


Michelle said...

Great job with the morning run!!

OK, I ran 5.25 miles last Saturday without taking a single walk break. If I can do it, you can totally do it!!! You just have to believe. :)

Keep up the great work!

Sonia said...

Man that was quick!! Sub 9 min/mile is great!! Especially after all that red wine and SITC ;-)
I find that when you go out without the expectation to do well you always surprise yourself! Great run! Keep it up =)

Sarah said...

Somehow you are right that when you feel the most tired is when you most need a run to pick you up. Way to go anyway, and score a new PR.

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