Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Second Half of My Marathon

If I run two Half-Marathons, it's almost like running a Full, right?

Ha, I know that is so not true.

This weekend Jer and I venture up to Sarasota to run the Sarasota Half Marathon which will be my second Half Marathon to date. The race got great reviews last year and is supposed to be a beautiful course, so it should be a good time.I am excited to not only run the race but also do it with Jeremy. It will be the first race we have run side-by-side since the Race for the Cure back in 2000.

Mostly though, I am just looking forward to getting out of Miami for a few days. Sometimes, life is hectic here. Going back to my parent's house is always relaxing and Sarasota/Bradenton is just so much more laid back than Miami. We just need to get away for a bit.

So my last few runs have been pretty good. I am still having trouble getting out of bed at 6am to go lift at the gym, but I do manage to get in at least 3 runs a week, pretty honorable if you ask me.

Last week I ran another PR for my 3.2 mile course around campus. I ran it by myself and logged in at 28:04. That was a great feeling.

Saturday, Jeremy and I slept in untill 8am and then went for a nice 9 mile run through Coconut Grove. Even though we slept in, the weather was still perfect. Sunny, in the 70's and low, low, low humidity. It was awesome. The perfect day for a long run.

Here's my recent activity:
2/21 - 3.2 miles - 28:04
2/24 - 9.03 miles - 1:30:04 (a little over a minute per mile faster than my training pace for the Miami Half)
2/25 - Gym - Lift/Abs/ 30 minutes, Elliptical
2/26 - 5.6 miles - 54:33 (humid again)

I am going to do one more slow 3 mile run tomorrow morning to get loosened up and then that's it before Sunday. Since my last time was 2:24, my goal for this one is around 2:15. I think if the we start out slow and the weather cooperates (they are predicting a high of 68 and partly cloudy) I should be ok...hopefully. If not, as long as I come in around 2:20 I will be satisfied. But running with Jeremy pushes me a little harder, so hopefully I'll do myself proud.

Oh, and we signed up for another race tonight. The Celebrity 5k on March 25th. Apparenty, there is a red carpet invloved somehow. Miami is a funny place.


Michelle said...

Have a great race!!

I will be looking forward to the race report!

Running Girl said...

Loovely post

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