Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Merry New Year!!!!

Holidays are fun. But it's a good thing they end quickly. If not I would be 400lbs and constantly drunk.

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I feel a little better this week about my training. My long run on the Saturday before Christmas was good. It was scheduled 10 miles but we made it 12 at the end. We ran a different route this time through Key Biscayne and Crandon Park. It was a beautiful morning as we ran along the water and watched the sun rise. Good stuff. We felt good at the end so Leslie, Tracy and I decided to run the Rickenbacker Causeway back and forth one time to add another 2 miles. The bridge is a lot harder (and more windy) after a 10 mile run, but it was ok and we finished strong.

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I had a good run with Jeremy on Christmas morning around my parent's house in Sarasota (5.75 miles/57:00). We figured out we like running together. I think he just likes the walk breaks I make him take, but whatever. We had good conversation while running and decided maybe we should try running together once a week. Which will be good for my training, maybe not so much for his.

When we got back to Miami on Thursday, he took me for a run that he usually does with a friend of his. A 5.6 mile loop around the Coral Gables Country Club. It is a beautiful run around a great neighborhood. We ran and decided which houses we would buy or not buy when we win the lottery. That was a great run. The weather was cold and I ran a good pace 5.6 miles/53:23.

Saturday our long run was a Hash Run. It was a beautiful course through Pinecrest (more lottery homes) and we ended up at Joanne's bakery where we didn't get beer :( but were rewarded with a huge, free breakfast of fruit, juices, coffee, bagels, and other assorted breads and pastries. The run ended up being about 9.5 miles and we set a good pace, no one got lost and Mercy even showed up! It was actually pretty fun and all the new courses have helped to keep the boredom levels low.

Today, after our long (but fun) New Year's weekend, Jeremy dragged me out of bed at 5:15am to go run the golf course with him. It sounded like a good idea until I started actually running. It was horrible, the worse run I have had in awhile. It was hot, and humid (82 degrees in JANUARY?!?!). I was stiff, felt dizzy and all sorts of other crybaby stuff. If I hadn't been with Jeremy I would have quit at mile 0.5. But I finished it cause I have to be a tough guy around other people. We ran it in 5.6/55:57. Not horrible with walk breaks and I finished strong. I think I was just feeling like a baby.

Other than that, I have the big 14 miler this Saturday. The longest run before my mini-taper. Half-Marathon in 26 days!


Anonymous said...

i love the way you write laurel. every other sentance is hilarious and makes me smile. i'm trying to get back on the workout kick and reading your blog has inspired me. i downloaded this cheesy running podcast in hopes of becomming a runner myself. it's called couch to 5k in 9 weeks. i'll keep you posted on my success. i hate to admit, i'm not only in it for health reasons, but i wanna be thin like every other self absorbed chick. i think i gave up on the notion when my father broke it to me that, i just wasn't "built for speed". thanks dad. thanks for the laughs and inspiration, i promise to be back soon. take care

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