Monday, October 06, 2008

The Philadelphia Board of Tourism

I'm thinking about sending my resume to them, because when I am done shoving Philly down your throats you are all going to be booking your flights for a visit.

There is no better way to see the city you live in than when out-of-town guests come to visit. That way you can do all the dorky "touristy" things and blame it on them. I personally have no problems with looking like a tourist but for some super-cool people in my family (cough, cough... Jeremy) it's kind of embarrassing. Therefore, we just invite as many people as we can to come visit us. Not because we want their company, but because we want an excuse to ride a double decker bus and run up the Art Museum steps while choking down another cheesesteak.

A week ago, our good friends Andy and Glenna came to stay with us for a few days (remember, beer and shepherd's pie before 16 miles?). While they were here we got to see all sorts of wonderful Philly. While I was going through some of the pictures tonight, I though I would post some here. There seem to be a lot of Philadelphia area runners visiting my blog since I moved, so I thought they would appreciate it.

This first picture was taken right when they got here. Can you say bad influence? It was 2pm and I had 16 miles the next morning! (I mean I was the bad influence of course!)

Here we are on the Art Museum steps again. Andy is a HUGE Rocky fan so we hung out there for awhile.

*I photoshopped the baby into the picture as a joke to him...

Here I am with Glenna at the "Ladies Entrance", cause we're LADIES, of course...

Here I am at Pretzel Park. Yes, that is a statue of a pretzel. I have no idea why. Pennsylvanian's take their pretzels very seriously.


Here we are eating and drinking again. This is still before my 16 mile run. Smart girl.

Here we are walking through the Italian Market in South Philly on our way to get our cheesesteaks. At least that was after the run.


The Love Statue in JFK Park. The water was blue to honor slain Police Officer Patrick McDonald, who was recently killed.

I love this picture because we used to play Dominos with them for HOURS in Miami.


Like his shirt?

Let's not get too close!!! And you can see now why I am wearing a hat in every other picture. I need a cut in the worst way.


Does anyone else see this? Only in this town do you randomly see Ben Franklin eating lunch somewhere.

City Hall

Spell much?

Here we are in Washington Square at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


Here we are in the room where they signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in Independence Hall. Look at how much fun J is having with all the touristy stuff.


And last but not least, here we are at one of the cabins in Valley Forge, pretending to rough it old school.

That's all folks. Hope you enjoyed your tour of Philly. I'm sure there will be more to come.

As far as running goes, I didn't get in a workout today unless you count cleaning my house. It's four floors and it took me about 5 hours to lug a vacuum up and down it, so I think it counts for something.

Hope everyone had a good Monday.


Lily on the Road said...

Thank you SO MUCH!! Now I really must come for a visit, and YES, put your CV into the Tourism Board, worse case, you'll become a tour dirctor on the double decker bus!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I like Jeremy's shirt. Hope you have more visitors soon.

Tall Girl Running said...

It's so ironic you posted this, Laurel. I was thinking just yesterday I was going to pester... errr... politely request that you do another photo tour of your running route around your new digs in Philly (since I loved your Miami tour)! This one was equally fantastic... sure makes a girl who rarely gets out of the intermountain west a bit envious!

Jess said...

Great pics! Philly does look like fun!

Caroline - Philadelphia said...

Haha -- Caroline from the Tourism Office here (for real -- this came up on my google alerts!).

We love people like you. You should blog for


Marcy said...

Love the new look!

And as always, I *heart* the pics! You always have the best pics in the biz ;-) Very nice tour!

*aron* said...

thanks for posting those!!! philly looks like such a cool city!

BeachRunner said...

It's been a while since I have been to Philly. Your great pics and commentary make me want to book my trip asap.

Sonia said...

love the mispell Philadelphia LOL

Yeah what's up with the pretzels??

You guys look cute in front of the LOVE word =)

Sonia said...

so when do you want me to visit? ;-)

joyRuN said...

Great pics! Now you're really really really making me miss Philly :)

No worries - we're making the marathon a whole weekend event so I can get my fix.

N.D. said...

So fun to read - especially since I live around here and probably take it for granted.

Runner Leana said...

I love the photo tour! It looks amazing over there. The bad spelling was funny...heehee!

Runner Leana said...

Oh yeah, the background looks cool too!

SuperDave said...

I love that you take pictures! I am a camera junkie.

P.O.M. said...

You take such amazing pics.

Dori said...

Four floors! I'd keep a vacuum on each floor.

Loved the tour of Philly. I love pretzels, too. They great for carbo-loading. :-)

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